Belcityvision Song Contest

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The Belcityvision Song Contest is a contest held in Belcity.


Flag Participant First apparition Last apparition
Belcity 2019 2019
Camera & Bagno 2019 2019

Participants by year

Table key

     Winner – The country won the Belcityvision Song Contest that year.
     Second place – The country was ranked second that year.
     Third place – The country was ranked third that year.
     Remaining places – The country placed from fourth to second last this year.
     Last – The country was ranked last that year.
     Non-qualified – The country did not qualify to the final.
     Non-qualified for the contest – The country did not qualify from the pre-qualifying round
     Undecided – The country has confirmed participation for the next Belcityvision Song Contest, however, the competition has not yet taken place.
     Debutant – The country made its debut during the year.
     Did not participate – The country did not participate in the Belcityvision Song Contest that year.
     Disqualified or withdrawn – The country was going to participate in the Belcityvision that year, but was disqualified or withdrew that year.
A cross (X) means that the country participated in the contest that year.


Belcity 2= 1 2 2 3 X X
BandieraCamera&Bagno.png Camera & Bagno 8 X
BandieraCamereElianacity.png Camere (Elianacity) X
BandieraCamereGiusycity.png Camere (Giusycity) 1 9 10
BandieraCameretta.png Cameretta 2=
BandieraCasaSarahcity.png Casa (Sarahcity)


Participant 10º 11º 12º 13º 14º 15º