Beale War

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Beale War
Date Late 2015
Location Exeter
Result DRoH victory
FlagDRoH.pngDemocratic Republic of Howe
Skovajan Anarcho-communist flag.PNGSkovajan Anarcho-Communist State (AC Skovaji)
FlagDRoH.pngPrime Minister M. Howe Skovajan Anarcho-communist flag.PNGPrime Minister K. Stapleton
1 None
Injuries and losses
None 1 minor injury

The Beale War took place in late 2015 and was fought by the Democratic Republic of Howe and the Skovajan Anarcho-Communist State. The war lasted for one day.


The Organiser of AC Skovaji insulted the the PM of the DRoH (by accusing him of "dictatorship" and "crushing the people") and angered the nation. As a result of this the DRoH declared war on AC Skovaji.

Major Battles

Battle of Beale

The two micronations confronted each other at the Battle of Beale where the outnumbered Skovajan forces (0-1) quickly surrendered to the DRoH after one blow from a scale ruler. This would later lead the the banning of rulers in Skovajian Diplomatic Meetings.


After the war the two nations became close allies and have signed multiple trade agreements and military alliances. Skovaji also proposed a monetary uninon, the Wesley Union, but the DRoH didn't join.