Republic of Beag Talamh

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The Republic Of Beag Talamh
Flag of Beag Talamh
Motto: "Vivant et liberi esse."
"live and be free."
Demonym Beag Talamhians
• President
Andrew Beveridge I ([
Currency Airgead A
ISO 3166 code [[ISO 3166-2:Script error: No such module "Country extract".|Script error: No such module "Country extract".]]

Creation_(November 22 2014)

Sometime November 2014 Andrew Beveridge Thought about running his own country After the Scottish Independence Referendum 2014 Vote when the Scottish people were asked if the Country should be Independent 55% of the people voting No. 45% Said yes After this Andrew Beveridge Decided To Create his own Country And So The Republic of Andrewland was born However Andrew thought he could name it Something else And so he named It The Republic Of Beag Talamh (Beag Talamh is Gaelic for Small Land.) (The country is not to be confused with the Nationstate nation The same Andrew Beveridge Created online on the game Nationstates.)


The Beag Talamhian Airgead is the currency of Beag Talamh they consist of 1/2, 1, 2, 5, 10, 50, 100, 500 Airgead Notes No coins are produced as of 2014 but a coin is said to come hopefully! The Airgead is subdivied into 100 Pocaid Iomlaid

Pip The Cat

Pip the cat is the Eternal National Animal no other animal will takes it place. The cat is 8 Years Old


The country abides by The UK Laws but has it's own

1 - No Smoked Bacon By Outsiders (Unsmoked bacon by outsiders is fine!) 2 - No UK Flags

They are the only laws so Far

New Claims

The New Claims Are in the area of Croatia / Serbia / Antarctica

Due to a border dispute Croatia, Serbia the countries Go along with the Danube river , But it has changed over the years so one country says it has been where it has always was and other says where the river is But this has created 4 land areas where nether place wants so Beag Talamh took it and expands Beag talamh by 6.8 Sq. Km. The other claim is where Finismund used to claim in Antarctica