Baustralian Highway 500

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Baustralian Highway 500 shield Randouler Highway shield

Baustralian Highway 500
Randouler Highway
Route information
Maintained by Baustralian Ministry of Transportation
Length0.23 km (0.14 mi)
Major junctions
North endMild Pond 25.svg King's Road
South endPeterborough CR-4.svg Peterborough CR-4 near Douro-Dummer, CA
Highway system
Road 100Highway 501

Baustralian Highway 500 or the Randouler Highway, formerly the King's Highway is the first numbered national freeway in Baustralia. Starting at the Ontario—Mild Pond border, it goes through Wabasso into Saint George's. The route is generally north-south running, however tends to be very curvy. On 10 June 2020, with the advice of the Secretary of State for Routes, King John I announced the redesignation of the highway from King's Highway to Randouler Highway, in memory of Nicholas Randouler.


Municipality Distance Exit Destination Notes
Baustralia—Canada border 0.0 m Peterborough CR-4.svg CR-4 — Douro-Dummer, Peterbourough Ontario road
Wabasso 64.3 m John Crossing (tolled)
69.9 m 1 Mild Pond 26.svg Highway 26
Saint George's 212.4 m 2  Mild Pond Trail
237.9 m 3 Mild Pond 25.svg Elizabeth Road
289.8 m 4 Mild Pond 26.svg Highway 26
404.7 m 5  Princess of Wabasso Lane
649.7 m 6 Mild Pond 25.svg King's Road