Baustralian Highway 504

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Baustralian Highway 504 shield

Baustralian Highway 504
Parker Highway
Route information
Maintained by Baustralian Ministry of Transportation
Length0.32 km (0.20 mi)
Major junctions
North end His Royal Dockyard Landspotter
Highway system
Highway 503Road 100

Baustralian Highway 504 is the last numbered national freeway in Baustralia. Starting at HRD Landspotter, it runs north-south bisecting the island. Near the end, the north-running section parts from the south section before looping around and connecting back to itself. It was named Parker Highway for Felkin Parker, 1st Duke of London, founder of Landspotter.


Municipality Distance Exit Destination Notes
Mountain Lake near Wiarton, CA 0.0 m HMD Landspotter
Seamanhattan 1.0 m 1 Landspotter 30.svg 1st Avenue
24 m 2 Landspotter 30.svg Road 30