Battle of Ben Burr

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Battle of Ben Burr
Part of KMITB Nationite-Istorian conflict
Battle of Ben Burr.png
Map of the battle area.
Date 6th July 2011
Location Spokane, Washington
Result Indecisive
Flag of Istoria.png Natlandist Istoria Flag of Kick-Max-In-The-Butt Nation.png Kick-Max-In-The-Butt Nation
Executive Director Max Kasbar Dictator Quinn Kasbar
1 1
Injuries and losses
1 1

The Battle of Ben Burr was the first battle to be fought in Moran Prairie, a neighborhood in Spokane.


Max Kasbar would sometimes taunt Quinn Kasbar that he wasn't a serious threat, since he didn't attack the NPD Istoria. Quinn would reply that he was superior to Max because he had fireworks amd BB guns. It is believed that this was the cause of the Battle of Ben Burr.

Battle of Ben Burr

The Ambush

While Max Kasbar was taking a walk with his BB gun, when KMITB Nationite forces, commanded by Quinn Kasbar, began attacking Istorian forces from the roof with BB guns, commanded by Max Kasbar. Max attempted to scale the roof that Quinn but was unable to climb up. The Istorian forces retreated to Moranio, but Nationite forces ambushed them again from hedges a couple of yards away. Luckily neither were hit.


Istoria finally reached Moranio and hid in its tall grasses while Nationite forces looked for him. Istorian forces sprang up from the grass to attack them causing Nationite forces to return fire. This forced them to withdraw from Moranio because he was complaining about the thistles in his foot.


When both forces reached Ben Burr Road, Max ran at Quinn causing him to run away firing back. This continued until Quinn ran out of ammunition, ending the battle.

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