Democracy of Baspar

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English: Baspar
Baspar 481460.png

Libere vivere (English: live for freedom)
Capital cityLectulo
Largest cityVestium (Calculated)
Official language(s)English (100%)
Official religion(s)Atheism
- PresidentTaylor Cameron
Established26.06.17 de facto 843AD de jure
Area claimed25 square meters (Approximately)
Population1 Only Taylor Cameron, Head of State, is an official inhabitant
CurrencyPound Sterling
Time zoneGMT
National drinkIrn Bru
National animalRed Panda

Baspar, or the Democracy of Baspar, is an unrecognized nation which claims independence over Taylor Cameron's, the President of Baspar, Bedroom. Taylor claims leadership over the provinces that are held in which his Bedroom is. It is an economically stable nation. The chosen capital is stated as the Providence of Lectulo.


Even before Baspar was considered independent, many things led up to its creation.

Afore Baspar

Government and Politics

As the name of the Democracy of Baspar proclaims, Baspar ideology is a Democracy, however, the government are in slight power due to reasons of crime and legislation. Every 4 years and election is held, the winner receiving the title, as well as the authority of 'President'. No nation has recognized Baspar as an official state, therefore it is defined as a micronation.


Currently, the Ideology of the government is Democracy. Although the country in future will be split apart between parties withholding their own ideas, ideologies and thoughts, only one party has been established. Baspars leading party lead by the current President Cameron, CDP (Cameron's Democratic Party), received 100% of the populations vote.

Small elements of Republicanism still linger throughout the government otherwise.

Ranks of Government

Since only one citizen has officially immigrated and declared independence for Baspar, the Government has near to none members. As head of state and government, President Cameron still holds authority as other ranks. Along with being Secretary of State, Secretary of Finance, Secretary of Internal Affairs and Border Control, the first Head of Government still manages with the Nation as it has not been stated as a hard job.

Since holding all national authorized occupations, Taylor has been a self-Proclaimed 'Whole Government'.

Political Parties

Party Founded Ideology Leader
Cameron Democratic Party 2017 Democracy Taylor Cameron

Border Control

President Cameron is the Head of Border Control. The only proof of Baspar's Border Control is a note on the door of the border of the state, stating; "Immigrants whom cross the border withput permission will be Shot down or jailed."

Foreign Relations

The allies of Taylor Cameron's Baspar are listed below;

Name Alliance Established Leader
Faroe Islands 27.06.17 Anfinn I


The Geography of Baspar is relatively organized and flat as President Taylor Cameron likes things tidy as well as somewhat beautiful.

The Democracy of Baspar is split up into 6 provinces, each of which are near to the same size as eachother. All provinces are named after their Latin names, example wise; Bed in Latin is Lectulo, Baspar's Capital.



The Democracy of Baspar has a very medium but limited cultural calendar, usually consisting of the holidays of its neighbour, Britain. Although they are not Christians, Baspar hold some events from the calendar of Christianity. These are the 5 ameliorate days fit to the states beliefs; Christmas, Valentines Day, Mothers and Fathers Day, Easter.


Baspar has a small few personal events, and the people(s) of Baspar celebrate these important happenings every year consistently. Most of which mean a lot to Baspar, reflecting its history.


Independence day, or the day Baspar was self-proclaimed independent, is a national holiday created and celebrated on the 26th of June. This is one of the most paramount days in the history of Baspar, as President Cameron (the first President of Baspar) states;

"Baspar. We. We were established as our own nation, our own Micronation on Independence Day. And may the love, pride, joy, hope, freedom and nationalism of this glorious date live on into our hearts. For i am proud, for we will be proud. Not only shall we celebrate this on one day, but we must celebrate this every day to reflect, remember and love the day that brought our Founding Fathers hope." ________________________________________________________


Baspar enjoys a range of varying music, including Classical, Pop and a beautiful line of Love Songs.

Currently though, the state has not recorder, nor published, its own national anthem.