Bascal Democratic Party

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Bascal Democratic Party
(Parti Demokratik Bascal)
President Amir Syafiq
Founded 2009
Headquarters Singapore Street A.D
Newspaper none
Ideology Liberalism, Conservatism
Official colors Blue, Red, White, Yellow

Bascal Democratic Party (Malay:Parti Demokratik Bascal, Gutaish:Partiye Demukrati Bazcalei) or B.D.P for short is the largest and second oldest known political party in Bascal. B.D.P was founded in 2009 by Amir Syafiq, just months after Bascal's declaration of indipendence. It was established because Bascal only has one political party that is Islamic Party Bascal. The current party president is Amir Syafiq who is also a current Governor of Bascal. B.D.P has been nation's main dominant political party since 2010. In 2012, BRP and IBP dissolved and left B.D.P as a sole political party in Bascal.