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Ayer City-District
Daerah Bandar Ayer
دايره بندر ايير

District of Bascal
Motto: Sayangilah Daerah kita
(Love our district)
Central Bascal
CapitalDapor town
Population1 people
Area7th largest district
Ayer is a district in Bascal

Ayer (Malay name: Ayer) is a city-district (like a City-State) located at the central region of Bascal. It borders with Pagar Karat to the east, Padang Hijau to the northwest and Singapore Street to the south. It has a population of 1, it is the second largest district by population and seventh by size. It's capital is Dapor town.


Ayer was onced an area of Singapore Street district. After the Independence of the State of Bascal, Ayer separated from Singapore Street and became its own district.


Ayer is divided into two areas that is

  • Dapor city Area
  • Tanoh Area