Barony of Leichter

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Barony of Leichter

La Vie et La Victoire!
(French: Life and Victory)
Capital cityLeichtergratz
Official language(s)English, French
Established22 May 2003
CurrencyDenier (∂)
Time zoneEastern Standard Time (UTC-5)
National animalturtle

The Barony of Leichter (/lɪk'tɜr/; French: Baronie de Leichter) is a micronation founded in 2003 in North America.


Leichter is derived from the name family of the grandmother of the first baron. It is of Austro-Germanic origin.


The Barony was founded on 22 May 2003 by the First Charter.


The Barony has a temperate climate with four pronounced seasons. It has grass fields, meadows, and forested areas. There are no permanent bodies of water, however there is a brook in Wekgweryhaerky Forest during prolonged rain. There are some hills in the Barony, but none exceed a three metre height difference.


The Barony is a monarchy with no electoral institutions. However, it is governed by charters that imply limits on the powers of the Baron. Currently, the First Charter and Second Charter are in force, but the Third Charter is being written and will superseded the previous two.

The Barony is made up of three provinces and a capital city, Leichtergratz. The three provinces are Daadarragh, Wekgweryhaerky, and Dragonheide.


The Barony produces nothing and had a GDP of $0 in 2011. Its currency is the denier, which is backed by silver worth roughly 25¢ USD.


English and French are both official languages of the Barony.


There are five official holidays:

  • Barony Day (22 May) - Celebrate the founding of the Barony in 2003.
  • Flag Day (24 June) - Celebrate the first flag of the Barony, adopted in 2003. All new flags must be adopted on this day.
  • Pear Toss Day (23 August) - An annual event where the Baron and subjects throw pears at a wall to celebrate the harvest.
  • Twin Oak Remembrance Day (6 October) - A remembrance for the twin oak that fell on 6 October 2006.
  • Chinese Cuisine Day (25 December) - An annual celebration of delicious Chinese cuisine, usually imported.

Tetherball is the national sport of the Barony. In addition, the national summer sport is football and the national winter sport is ice hockey.

Cuisine in the Barony is varied. Soups and omelettes are popular. Quinoa is the national grain.

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