Barony of Gristan

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Barony Of Gristan

Gristan Brings Honor
Papers, Please Victory Theme [1]
United States, North America
Official language(s) English, Gristani
Official religion(s) Christianity
Short name Gristan
Demonym Gristani
Government Constitutional Monarchy
- Baron Baron Will I
Legislature Gristani National Council
- Type - Council
- Number of seats - 0/10
Established September 1st, 2016
Area claimed 1 Acre
Population 2
Time zone Eastern Standard Time
National sport Baseball
National dish Turkey Bacon
National drink Natural Milk
National animal Falcon
Language Link:

(No Website)


Derived From The Word Primarily "Stan" (Meaning Country In Certain Places)


September 1, 2016: Gristan Is Founded.

September 3, 2016: Gristani Language is Fabricated.

September 3, 2016: Hodiny Officially Recognizes Gristan, Gristan adds hodiny and hodish to dictionary.

September 25, 2016: Gristan "Re-Establishes" Itself After Weeks Of Being Offline.


The Constitution Of Gristan Protects Liberties And Rights Of Its' Citizens, And Wishes The Righteous Workers Prosperity. "To Work With No Honor Is To Shame Ones' Self. If We Work With Honor, We Will Find A Reward Above Money And Power. Let Us Strive For Eternal Peace, And The Rights Of All, Whether Man, Woman, Child, Or Creature, Are Protected, For they are A Cause Of Prosperity And Friendship Among All. Even If Others Try To Take It Away, We Will Defend Our Rights Eternally."

Government and politics

Gristan Is A Constitutional Monarchy With Some Democratic Elements Sprinkled In.


Occasionally Gives Away Eggs


Gristan has a Score for Relations, Going from 0 to 4.

0 Meaning Unrecognized Or Enemy. This is rarely used.

1 Meaning Recognized. This means Gristan Recognises You.

2 Means Friendly Relations.

3 Means Alliance.

4 Means Part Of Faction Or Closely Tied To Gristan.


Duchy Of Hodiny (1)

David's Micronational Potential Index

Population: 2

Website Activity: 0

Diplomacy: 1

Sphere: 3

Basic Information: 5

Grading: 0