Barbara Ruvolo

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Barbara Ruvolo
Official Portait, District, 2009
1st President of District
Assumed office
November 1, 2009
Prime Minister Alexander Reinhardt
Predecessor Office established
Personal information
Born 1966
Rome, Italy
Birth name Barbara Ruvolo
Citizenship St.Charlian
Nationality Italian
Political party National Party of St.Charlie
Residence Branson, DS, St.Charlie
Religion Catholic

Barbara Ruvolo (born 1966) is a St.Charlian politician currently serving as President of District and Member of Parliament for the National Party of St.Charlie.

She became NPSC President of District in November 2009, was reconfirmed for a second term following the general elections of 2011 and for a third term in the wake of the general elections of 2012. She is the longest-serving President of any Federation.


Ruvolo was born in Rome as Princess Barbara, the daughter of former King of St.Charlie, Patrizio I. She was raised in Rome and Cerveteri. Although she is currently residing in Puntarossa, Tor Pendente, her official residence remains Branson, District.

As the first-born issue of the late Patrizio I, she is the heir apparent to the defunct St.Charlian throne. After her father's death, she also became the Head of the House of Ruvolo. To this day, however, she has not shown any interest in pressing her right to the throne or in reviving the monarchy.


Early days

Ruvolo's first became involved with St.Charlie in October 2009, when she was nominated NPSC candidate for District for the St.Charlian 2009 Legislative Elections.[1] On November 1, she won the elections and was nominated President of District.[2] On January 24 she lost to Magnus de Armis by three votes to four in the election for the President of the St.Charlian Parliament.[3]

Soon after her election, she promoted a recycling scheme and the replacement of all light bulbs with energy-efficient versions, which made District the first Federation to adopt such practices.[4] In October 2010 she supported the NPSC's leadership in refusing to join the ICA, stating "It’s not because of the ICA’s past, but I don’t see the creation of two or more ideological blocks as helpful to our community."[5]

GUM referendum

The GUM's new logo

Ruvolo was brought to intermicronational prominence in July 2010 when, together with fellow President Annabelle Pincer, she requested a referendum regarding St.Charlie's membership of the GUM due to mishaps in the election of the Secretary-General.[6] In particular, Ruvolo complained about the "'failure to give notice of the second ballot', the 'inexplicable decision' to annul previous votes, the 'extremely short length of the second ballot' and the presence of various unconfirmed private ballots."[6] The request, caused relations between St.Charlie and Erusia to flare and prompted a response from Robert Lethler.[7] While Ruvolo chose not to reply, the St.Charlian Government and Parliament issued a Joint Address.[8]

Alvisi administration

On November 25, 2010 she was confirmed NPSC candidate for the District Presidential Elections.[9] She also supported Minister Lunam's bill to postpone the District elections and stated this was because of a "possible absence of a working electoral commission".[10] On December 28, it was announced Ruvolo had successfully beaten back the challenge by SCSP candidate Rikkeri by winning 56.5% of the vote.[11] However, the results suggested a new Socialist stronghold had arisen in the District North division, with only an almost unanimous victory in Branson allowing her to remain in office.[11] The NPSC's crushing defeat in District in the general elections, where the party only won 28% of the vote, suggests Ruvolo's personal popularity was a major factor in her re-election.[12]

Following set of reforms to simplify the structure of the St.Charlian Commonwealth, Ruvolo rejected plans to annex Cascia del Pinzanello to District, thus ensuring the former would become a Territory.[13] On August 9, she requested fellow President Annabelle Pincer to declare a State of Emergency in Greater Ridgeway due to the London riots.[14] She went on to say: "After what I was able to see on the news, I encourage the Federation to take the appropriate measures in order to protect its population. This is a situation that goes beyond micronationalism, but we must still raise awareness over the current incidents."[14]

"Royal loophole"

On August 21 2011, a royal document was found in the Presidential Palace detailing an "Order of the St.Charlian Crown", an order to be bestowed by the House of Ruvolo on any person that had "distinguished themselves with actions of particular relevance, and in favor of the Nation".[15] As the Federal Republic has never pronounced itself on the matter, the medal is thus legal "property of the Ruvolo family, who may still award it to who they wish."[15] Ruvolo commented however that she "wishes to contact the current Government and find a solution to this 'royal loophole' ... in order not to create an eventual awkward situation between the royals and the current leadership, and in order to solve legally the situation."[15]

Preceded by: President of District Succeded by:
Office Established 1 November 2009 - Present


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