Lavrada Bannerman

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The Lavrada Bannerman
The Standard of Freedom
New Bannerman Header.jpg

Owner David Sarkozy
Founder David Sarkozy
Founded 27 July 2015
Editor-in-Chief David Sarkozy
Political Allegiance Independent
Language(s) English
Headquarters Lavrada, Lavrasia
Official website
Facebook page

The Lavrada Bannerman is a Delveran periodic newspaper published on Wordpress. Formerly a mouthpiece of the Delveran government and the Lavrasian Triumvirate, it is now privately owned by its founder, David Sarkozy. It publishes articles semi-regularly on its Wordpress site, covering both national and regional topics.

The Bannerman was founded on July 27, 2015 by David Sarkozy in an effort to inform the micronational community of events and goings on in the Grand Republic.[1] On September 5, 2016, ownership was transferred from the City of Lavrada to Sarkozy, making the paper a private enterprise.[2]


The Bannerman was received well in Delvera and beyond. Christian Newton in particular lauded the professional quality of articles and interesting topics presented within. In late August 2015, the MicroWiki Admins added the paper to the list of approved publications to post headline news on the main page.


On August 9, 2015, Governor Christian Newton of Germanija founded the Germanijan Times as a competing publication. On August 19, the Bannerman and the Times signed an agreement known as the Delveran Media Concord that established standards and some rules for media coverage within the Grand Republic. This was done in order to foster cooperation and avoid plagiarism between the publications.[3][4]

In an effort to increase media coverage further, Editor-in-Chief Sarkozy is working to encourage others to develop rival publications and/or radio and television media.