Bank of Iustus

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Bank of Iustus
Bank of Iustus.png
Logo of the bank

Headquarters Curtis City

Central Bank of Iustus
Currency Iustian dollar
Currency Code IUD

Governor Austin Jaax
Chancellor Lord Patrick

Establishment 2018

The Bank of Iustus serves as the central bank of the Empire of Iustus, it is owned and backed by the Parliament of Iustus. the leader of the Bank is the Monarch of Iustus and Governor of the Bank of Iustus Austin Jaax however the Bank is mostly managed by the Chancellor who currently is Patrick Noully.

Roles and duties

The roles and duties of the Bank of Iustus is to

  1. To observe the economy of Iustus
  2. To distribute the Iustian dollar
  3. To issue legal tender bank notes on Iustian territory
  4. To manage the treasury of Iustus
  5. To manage financial matters of Parliament and its Ministries

Iustian Dollar obverse $1 - $100, made by Stephen Freayth