Balls Pyramid Archipelago

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Balls Pyramid Archipelago
Balls Pyramid new.png
Balls Pyramid Archipelago CoA.png
LocationBalls Pyramid, Australia
MotoSapientia Est Potentia
CapitalEmperor's Island
PrinceLuis Marcel of Balls Pyramid
Postal AbbreviationBPA
Total Area300 m
Admittance DateJune 18th 2020
Time ZoneUTC +10
LanguagesEnglish and Spanish
BP Archipelagoian
ISO CodeBPA 1-3


The existance of this islands were made known to Emperor Connor I of Zuhan back in 20 May 2019; only for The Zuhan Empire to annex Ball's Pyramid into the Empire, creating The Territory of Ball's Pyramid. On the 30 May 2019, the islands where divided between Zuhan, Misberia and the UFP. At some point it was named the Kingdom of Ball's Pyramid. The again the Region of Ball's Pyramid. On 18 June 2020, it became the Ball's Pyramid Archipelago under Misberian rule. On 21 June 2020, H.R.H the Prince Luis Marcel of Ball's Pyramid declared it a Principality.


The Ball's Pyramid Archipelago is a Principality within the Misberian Commonwealth. The Head of Government is the Prince of Ball's Pyramid, H.R.H Luis Marcel of Ball's Pyramid.

Special Places