Baker Territory

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Baker Territory

Casper, Wyoming
Official language(s) English, Japanese and Enlalian
Government Republic
Territory of Zya-Vulturia

Baker Territory was founded in 2005 and is the first territory to be incorporated into Zya-Vulturia.


Baker Territory was first established in 2005 as the Republic of Polaris, but it subsequently became the Republic of Vulturia. After a short period in this form, the first territory of Zya-Vulturia. Baker Territory was the first entity that comprised Zya-Vulturia.


The territory is comprised of a small yard, surrounded with a somewhat high wooden fence, a treehouse, and a shed.


The culture of the territory is largely composed of Gaming, Hacking,and Otaku culture infused with Cajun and Japanese culture. Anime and Manga are also commonplace and Japanese is sometimes used as a casual language when applicable.


Some customs in the the territory are:

  • When drinking a beverage outside, it is considered common courtesy to pour a bit of it on the ground, and say "One for me, [pouring beverage] One for my homies."


There are some slight colloquial variations in language in the territory:

  • Referring to friends and sometimes even strangers as "man", "bro", "brotha" or "dude" (or "girl", "sistah" or "dudet" for females) is considered respectful.
  • Greetings like "Sup, t'sup, what's up, yo, or whaz happinin?" are more common than formal greetings
  • Interjections, especially "yeah" or "nah" are repeated twice, in a quick fashion. (ex. Y'yeah, N'nah, n'no)
  • Adjectives are repeated to create emphasis, especially "way", "metcha/matcha", or "hella"

The Arts

Rave music is very popular in the territory. However, no raves are planned to be held, because it is essentially a backyard. Power Metal (like DragonForce), Heavy Metal and Psychedelic rock are extremely popular.

'Adult Swim' is the most watched television program but anime is the most prevalent TV Genre in Baker.