Bepistan National Space and Aviation Program

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The Bepistan National Space and Aviaton Program (Abbreviated BNASP), is the Kingdom of Bepistan's nationally funded program for space exploration, aviation, research, and laws governing these fields. The BNSAP's main research and testing facilities are located in White Island, an island claimed as a district of Bepistan.

Space Exploration

Space exploration was the original plan for the BNSAP, but it was later decided that aviation me merged into the program as well.

Bepis I

The Bepis I is the first planned mission of the BNASP. The rocket itself was constructed around late 2017 but was never proposed to be launch because of lack of funding and supplies. The rocket was fully built but was only lacking the motor, and a coat of paint and decals. It was bought as a disassembled kit from Estes Industries, however, the exact model name was forgotten.The Bepis I is planned for launch in Spring/Summer of 2019 in the White Island testing grounds.

Future Projects