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The A1 Commmune of B27 was one of the first two protectorates to be annexed by A1, shortly after the Pprit Revolution in January 2008, and became a Commune of the protectorate of New Central in December 2009. Following its invasion in March 2010 during the Great Patriotic War by FSA1 forces, it was incorporated into it.


B31 and B27 were the first protectorates to be incorporated into A1. The A1 Constitution lists B31 as amongst the "original protectorates" of A1.

B27 was liberated by the A1 People's Army just after the termination of the Great Pprit Revolution in a swift victory, shortly after the liberation of B31. The economies of both protectorates subsequently was improved, in GDP terms, due to the increasing A1 economy.

December 2009 Administration Reform

B27 became a Commune of New Central, following the amalgamation of almost every protectorate in A1.

March 2010 Invasion

See main article: Great Patriotic War#Invasion of New Central

Climate and geography

The climate of B27 is slightly milder than that of A1, with two degrees less variation in temperatures during the year.

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