Aydan Dillon

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His Excellency
Aydan Dillon
The President before a speech in 2020.
President of Florania
Prime Minister Juan Cisneros
Benjamin Pickles
Vice President Jamie da Cunha
Predecessor Office established
Successor Isaiah Burdette
Prince of Malinovia
In office:
5 April 2016 - 7 July 2020
Prime Minister Dante Molina
Kim Bligh Calderon
Tukat Ætimak
Sylvie Vaux
Predecessor Throne established
Successor Vincent I
Governor of Blue Ridge
Assumed office:
20 July 2020
Monarch Jonathan I
Prime Minister Lord John Gordon, Viscount of Thetford
Predecessor Office established
Personal information
Partner Cherokee Morris
Father Jeraby Dillon
Mother Kia Calderon-Dillon
Born 21 March 2006 (2006-03-21) (age 14)
Vancouver, Washington
Political party Green Party (United States)
Farmer-Labour Party (Florania)
Religion Nondenominational Christian

Aydan Benjamin Dillon (born 21 March 2006) is a Floranian/American politician and activist who served as the 1st President of Florania from 9 June 2020 until 13 September 2020 when he lost re-election to Caeserea senator Isaiah Burdette. A member of the First Party, he previously served as Prince of Malinovia from 5 April 2016 until his abdication on 7 July 2020. He is one of the first openly genderfluid micronationalists.

Personal life

Aydan Benjamin Dillon was born on 21 March 2006 in Vancouver, Washington, the oldest of three children of Kia Calderon-Dillon and Jeraby Dillon. His mother was a sales associate at WinCo, and his father was an IT technician at Radcomp Technologies. He was a seventh-generation Washingtonian. His ancestry is of British Isles and Norweigan descent.

He attended several schools throughout his early life, due to his family constantly moving. When his family moved to Florida in 2018, he entered high school at West Florida High School of Advanced Technology in Pensacola, and joined the Academy of Aerospace Engineering. He is a member of his high school's debate club and plays goalkeeper on his school's football team.