Aydan I, Prince of Malinovia

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His Royal Highness
Aydan, Prince of Malinovia
Aydan, Prince of Malinovia
Prince of Malinovia
Reign 25 June 2020 - 7 July 2020
Coronation 1 July 2020
Predecessor Himself (as President)
Heir apparent Cherokee, Duchess of Canefield
Prime Minister Kim Bligh Calderon
Tukat Ætimak
Vice President of Bonumland
In office 22 January 2020 - present
Assumed office 22 January 2020
Preceded by Ivan Gelich (as Prime Minister)
President Nick Rankov
Prime Minister of Aswington
In office 25 June 2020 - present
Assumed office 25 June 2020
Preceded by Babou Chkaya
President Juan Cisneros
Engaged to Cherokee, Duchess of Canefield
House House of Dillon
Father Lord Jeraby Dillon
Mother Lady Kia Calderon-Dillon
Born 21 March 2006 (2006-03-21) (age 14)
Skyline Hospital, White Salmon, Washington, United States
Occupation Student
Religion Church of Malinovia
Monarchical styles of
Aydan, Prince of Malinovia
Reference style His Royal Highness
Spoken style Your Royal Highness
Alternative style Sire

Aydan Dillon, reigning title His Royal Highness Dictator for Life, the Imperator Prince of Malinovia Aydan Dillon, Liberator of the People and Conqueror of Worlds or simply His Royal Highness, the Prince of Malinovia (born 21 March 2006) is the founder and first ruler of the State of Malinovia.

Under his reign Malinovia has seen a large territorial expansion. It had grown from two private residences to encompass three residences, a beach, an archipelago, and an island, and had nearly quadrupled in size. He is perhaps most well-known for his "Malinovia first" policy, which (as the name suggests) puts Malinovia first.

In addition to his previous role as monarch of Malinovia, he serves as Vice President of Bonumland and Prime Minister of Aswington, being appointed by presidents Nick Rankov and Juan Cisneros respectively.

Early life

Aydan was born circa 2006 in White Salmon, Washington at Skyline Hospital, the firstborn son of Lord Jeraby Dillon and Lady Kia Calderon-Dillon. It was originally planned that he would be born at PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center in Vancouver, but he was born two days early and was not expected to born yet.

Aydan's family frequently moved during his early years; he attended many schools and never made any permanent friends. His grades in school were above average, B- to A, and he was considered gifted. Eventually, his family found a permanent home near Pensacola, Florida.

Aydan I's political compass results.

Personal political views

Aydan is a self-described right-wing libertarian; further, a nationalist, and supports marriage equality, gun rights, freedom of movement, animal rights, and non-interventionism.