Awards and decorations of Roanoke

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The Kingdom of Brunsnia has established a set of Orders of Chivalry, as well as military and commemorative decorations.

Recipients of any Order of Chivalry can use the title of Sir or Dame.

Orders of Chivalry

Order of Roanoke Ribbon.jpg The Order of Roanoke

Order of the Lion ribbon.jpeg Order of the Lion

Order of Saint George ribbon.jpeg Order of Saint George

Order of Friendship (Roanoke) - Ribbon.svg The Order of Friendship

Commemorative issues

Foundation Day Ribbon.jpg Foundation Day Medal

- HM King Arthur I

- Sir Aaron Green OR OF MAO

- Adm. Daniel R. Welles

King Arthur’s Coronation Ribbon.jpg Coronation Medal of King Arthur

- Sir Aaron Green OR OF MAO

- Adm. Daniel R. Welles

Military issues

Medal of Valour.jpg Medal of Valour

Distinguished Service Ribbon.jpg Distinguished Service Medal

Medal of Conduct.jpg Medal of Conduct

Defense Ribbon.jpg Defense Medal

- Adm. Vincent Ironside (11 JAN 2021)

Longevity Medal.jpg Longevity Medal