Autonomous Republic of Türkazakhstan

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Autonomous Republic of Türkazakhstan
Motto: Біздің халқымыз әлемде екінші үздік болып табылады (Our people are the second best in the world)
Anthem: "Türkazakhstan, Greatest Country in the World"
File:Various islands
Largest cityEsvasov
Official languagesArmenian
GovernmentAutonomous Republic
• Emperor
Patrick I
• Prime Minister
Ned Gunderson
LegislatureGreat Khural
Establishment28 May 2015
• Census

The Autonomous Republic of Türkazakhstan was an autonomous republic of the State of Nedland. It was originally a non-serious project founded by Ned Gunderson on May 28, 2016 as the Democratic Federation of Türkazakhstan. It was entirely simulationist, and claimed a large number of islands and disputed border regions. It claimed these under a Turkic empire which also includes some Slavs, Mongols and Armenians. However, on July 10 it was annexed as an autonomous republic, claiming the street near Gunderson's apartment building.