Autonomous Republic of Türkazakhstan

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Autonomous Republic of Türkazakhstan
Flag of Turkazakhstan.png

Біздің халқымыз әлемде екінші үздік болып табылады (Our people are the second best in the world)
"Türkazakhstan, Greatest Country in the World"
Various islands
Capital city Joqarmyandar
Largest city Esvasov
Official language(s) Armenian
Official religion(s) Secular
Short name Türkazakhstan
Demonym Türkazakh
Government Autonomous Republic
- Emperor Patrick I
- Prime Minister Ned Greiner
Legislature Great Khural
- Type - Unicameral
- Number of seats - 8
Established 28 May 2015
Population 1
National sport Weightlifting, Boxing, Sword-eating
National animal Donkey
Patron saint St. Azamat the Non-Catholic

The Autonomous Republic of Türkazakhstan is an autonomous republic of the State of Nedland. It was originally a non-serious project founded by Ned Greiner on May 28, 2016 as the Democratic Federation of Türkazakhstan. It was entirely simulationist, and claimed a large number of islands and disputed border regions. It claimed these under a Turkic empire which also includes some Slavs, Mongols and Armenians. However, on July 10 it was annexed as an autonomous republic, claiming the street near Greiner's apartment building.