Autonomous Principality of Northern Matachewan

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Autonomous Principality of Northern Matachewan

"We Will Aid All Who Ask"
Cochrane Ontario
Capital city Cochrane
Largest city Cochrane
Official language(s) English Russian Polish
Official religion(s) Catholicism and Orthadox
Short name A.P.N.M.
Demonym Matachewanian
Government Principality and Parliamentary Republic
- Prime Minister Krill Lyzhin
Legislature Parliament
Established October 1st 2018
Population 12 (as of 2018 census)
Currency Matachewan Zloty
Time zone EST
National sport Baseball
Patron saint Saint Joseph
We are a puppet of the Kingdom of Matachewan

Northern Matachewan History

The Autonomous Principality of Northern Matachewan was founded on October 1, 2018 it was made to defend Matachewan's Northern Border but is now an Autonomous Principality and a Parliamentary Republic because of this Northern Matachewan goes by many names like the Autonomous Republic of Northern Matachewan to the Nothern Matachewan Confederation because of this Northern Matachewan is not recognised by any micronation and it only exists inside the Kingdom of Matachewan.

Northern Matachewan War Effort

During the Matachewan-Nerdystanian War Northern Matachewan sent volunteers to fight in the battles of Dunken Lake and the Siege of Matachewan. The Northern Volunteers fought hard to defend Matachewan are their sacrifice will never be forgotten.