Autonomous Collective of Florfinbourg

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The Autonomous Collective of Florfinbourg
Speak to the Fascists in the language of fire, with words of bullets, and with sharp wit of bayonets!
Florfinbourg Shall Triumph Always
Official language(s) English and Italian
Capital New York County
Date founded June 24, 2010
Number of citizens 23
Number of active citizens 10 (politically active)
Government Socialist Republic
Current leader Honorable Chairman Michael Sweeney

Premier Karl Marsian

National animal Red Tailed Hawk

Florfinbourg, officially the Autonomous Collective of Florfinbourg, is a micronation founded on June 24, 2010.

The Government

Based in the Kremlin Mk II, the government of Florfinbourg is run through a representative democracy style republic. It supports trotskyist thinking, in other words, Florfinbourg forms "Vanguard Parties" and "Liberation Armies" in other nations. They attempt to put a Socialist government in power through elections, and in some cases, force. One example in Nebania, where Socialism officially set in on October 3, 2010 after almost a month of "Death Worship". The Parliament meets each year on December 24, and is called to meet many other times of the year to decide all sorts of choices about how the nation will be run. Members of Parliament are elected yearly around New Year's Eve from every district in Florfinbourg. These people also choose a Premier and a Parliamentary Chairman at Easter time. The National Chairman is the other executive member of Parliament, and he is elected by the general population during Parliament elections.

The government is run by the Socialist Worker's Labor Party, after the Militarist and Conservative Parties refused to participate in official government activities. All other political parties are currently banned. Only one candidate can be elected from each political party.


Independence was attained on June 24, 2010, and it lead to the founding of the United Duchy of Florfinbourg. The nation was later declared to be a republic and the Monarchy was disbanded. Freedom now reigns permanently under the Chairmen and the Premier. Independence day is celebrated every year by all Florfinbourgers on June 24.


United Duchy

Founded on June 24, 2010, The United Duchy was a great nation. Centered around central Florfinbourg this absolute monarchy was run by Archduke Michael. With a population of just two, Archduke Michael and Premier Reginald Frog ruled over the Duchy for a month or so until "The Population Boom".

Population Boom

Citizens began flooding into the Duchy, soon a parliament was founded and a constitution drafted. The first meeting of Parliament was held on July 4, 2010, a Constitutional Monarchy was declared.

Autonomous Collective

The Collective was declared July 30, 2010, demolishing the old hereditary system after the Duke gave his consent. Archduke Michael was instrumental in giving more voice to the people, and in tearing down the monarchy, he believed that once a democracy was founded, a republic was necessary to move foreward. He founded the Socialist Party with his main supporter, Maria. He has now changed his title to National Chairman, and some of his previous powers have been removed. The Chairman's Successors are no longer his relatives, but they are elected by Parliament to replace him when he dies or steps down.

Opening Up

In late July 2010, the government of Florfinbourg, much to the dismay of several xenophobic politicians, namely Chairwoman Maria, Former MP Matthew, and Commissar Mark, opened up to contact with other nations. This came only after a referendum vote among the populace of Florfinbourg with a landslide result voting FOR contact with the nations of Molossia and Dorzhabad. This has lead to the joining of the international peace organization called the Vanguard Powers and the World Micronational Alliance.

The September Invasion

On Semptember 2nd 2010, the little known nation of Nebania, which was never active on the internet, refused to deliver a sharpie pen to the people of Florfinbourg. On September 3, they surrendered to the might of the Florfinbourgish army that followed. The war was short and sweet, adding 4 people to Florfinbourg.

Death of the Former Premier

On September 21 at 8:09 pm, Former Premier Reginald Frog was pronounced dead. It was a serious blow to the population of the nation. He will be dearly missed by all, especially those who have been citizens since the monarchy era.

Non-Socialist Parties Dissolved due to Inactivity

On October 7, 2010, after a series of refusals on the part of the Conservative and Militarist Parties to participate in Parliament, said parties have been dissolved. The Socialists Worker's Labor Party remains as the solid holder of power within the Collective.

The Economy

The economy of the Autonomous Collective is a cross between Mercantilism and Socialism. It relates to Mercantilism in the fact that economic strength is based on the number of Territories owned, and the currency is based upon the bullion of a valuable metal (in this case silver). It differs however, in the fact that rather than having all this wealth in the hands of a King, it is owned collectively by the people, (hence the name Autonomous Collective). The Farmer's and Merchant's Bank of New York County is the central bank, and it manages all of the Collective's Colonial Territories, and it is essentially a secondary legislature, but it is only in control of colonial territories. The currency is the International Dollar (In$), broken into 100 Cents. It is pegged to the value of one pound of sterling silver. Each dollar is a note representing one pound of the government's silver bullion. The silver, along with most International Dollars, and even some foreign currency, is stored in the Farmer's and Merchant's Bank in New York County, Florfinbourg.


The following are national holidays officially recognised by the Parliament:

January 8, Norton Day: Celebrating the birthday of the first great micronational leader, Joshua Norton.

May 1, May Day: Celebrating freedom, workers rights, and the fight for an eight hour day. This is the main national holiday in Florfinbourg, even more important than Independence Day.

June 24, Independence Day: Celebrating our independence from the US and our freedom as a people.

September 21, The Chairman's Birthday: Celebrating the Honorable Chairman's day of birth.

October 31, Halloween: Celebrating candy, nighttime, the fall, and haing fun.

December 24, Parliament Day: The day when Paliament has to meet each year.

Religious holidays are never declared official in the Collective because we are secular.

Republics of the Autonomous Collective

The following entities have signed treaties and have joined the ACoF. They have committed their militaries to the Red Army Mk II.