Autistic Nation of Viadalvia

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Autistic Nation of Viadalvia
Autistek Natje Viadalcia (Viadalvian)

Flag Of The Viadalvian Republic.png
Emblem of Viadalvia.png

"Democracy and Brotherhood"
Oh Viadalvia
TheViadalvianCountryIslandMap.png Inishdooney Island, Ierland.
Capital cityPatavia
Largest cityPatavia
Official language(s)Viadalvian
Official religion(s)None offical
Short nameViadalvia
- President of ViadalviaTimo Vink
- Type - unicameral
- Number of seats - 10
- Last election - 4 January 2014
Established20 July 2001
CurrencyViadalvian Sahel (de jure)
Time zoneUTC +7
National sportCho'qui'gun
National dishFried Chicken
National drinkRuze
National animalIndonesian Eagle

Viadalvia (Viadalcia), officially The Autistic Nation of Viadalvia (Viadalvian: Autistek Natje Viadalcia), is a republic in Western Europe next to Ireland. It has claiming an island. It's building up till the spring of 2017, but than the same climate of the Netherlands. And you have also the micronation of Viadalvia. and Timo Vink is the president as the both Viadalvia's.


2005-2013: A bad Viadalvia (fantasy)

Viadalvia was a nation who has more clohting and other things from the 90's. Viadalvia is a 90's nation of Europe. The president was Andeon Mihailo, the man who makes a communist nation. In this period was the motto Viva Viadalavia! (Viadalvian: Viva Viadalcia!). And in the year of 2008 they want to make a nuclear choke weapon. and President Mihailo gets a quarrel with the Presidents of the United States, Dolmenia, England and Israel. And Viadalvia saw the United States as a great rival. and Dolmenia as a big rival nature. And the United States made Viadalvia got a boycott. And the war began, the Presidents of the United States and Dolmenia his troops forward to it. And in March 2011 the 90's terrorists Viadalvia have committed an attack in Dolmenia. The attack was a Viadalvian plane to the WTC building in Stonefield. a kind of 9/11 but then in Dolmenia. And on June 19, 2013, the president resigned. Andeon Mihailo is no longer president from that day.

2013 - present: A very different Viadalvia (from Fantasy to scenario)

On June 21, 2013 gets Viadalvia a new Egyptian president from Netherlands called 'Shady Morsi' and he has changed Viadalvia into a good nation. And the national anthem, motto and the 90 's song of Viadalcia Ackbar was strictly prohibited. Viadalvia has the well made with the United States, Dolmenia, England and Israel. But the people of Dolmenia and Viadalvia, they really don't like each other. But the Presidents may each other, but then they less interfere with each other. And in 2014 is Timo Vink a new Dutch president from Netherlands. And Viadalvia is become a democracy good nation of the Republic of the Autistic and normal people.


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