Australian micronationalism

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Compared to some places in the world Australia has a good number of notable micronations. Some might say that Australian micronations are unique in ways that may warrant attention.



Many of the first micronations to appear on the continent came into existence independently of those in other parts of the world. In the mid-20th century, there was no internet so they were formed mainly from conventional means. The Hutt River Province, for example, declared its independence in 1970 after Prince Leonard had a dispute over wheat quotas on his farming property. Many early micronations in Australia were formed for similar reasons.


Today micronations are formed in Australia for a variety of reasons just like in other areas of the world. This is mainly because of the advent of the internet. Communicating over the internet has allowed an exchange of ideas which has resulted in many different types of micronations.

Australian Micronations