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  the  austin is the  de facto  currency of  the republic of austin island it is  divided in to 100 ecaros. the  exchange rate is a basket pegged rate based off of many different  commodities. even though austin island  uses  the united  states  dollar for  conversion. there a three mints that print  the  austin island  unit  the capital city mint,  the  west fork mint, and the crander mint. 


the  formula of the  austin island unit is  this

Unit= .34(cookies)+.23(soda)+.15(poptarts)+.16(potato chips)+.12 (milk)/.32(coffee)+.28(sugar)+.15(creamer)+.18(hotdogs)+.07(john morell) According to the bank of austin island there are 1.73U=$1.00USD

= coinage

coin value mint
penny 1 ecaro CC,WF,CR
twentieth 5 ecaros CC,CR mints only
tenth 10 ecaros CC,CR,WF
quarter 25 ecaros CC,CR mints only
half unit 50 ecaros CC,CR,WF(special mintage only
unit 1 unit CC

paper notes

bill image on bill mint
1 unit pomeranian CC
2 units mickey mouse CC,WF
5 units kilroy CC
10 units nurses insignia (snake and cross) CC
20 units republic of austin island flag CC
50 units lilac CC,CR
100 units capital city skyline CC only