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The Austin Island Primary Is an Electoral System Used to Elect The Monarch of austin island starting in 2023 by the assembly of people, it works like this candidates run in a primary under the non partisian label. a candidate needs a majority of the votes in the primary round to win but if no candidate gets a majority a runoff is held betweeen the top two candidates three weeks later the candidates can choose their own party labels to run under. the austin island primary is similar to the two round system and the non-partisian blanket primary.


The Monarch of austin island Austin Young Created Some Sort of primary election for the monarchy in which a candidate needs a majority to win the primary and that all candidates run on a non partisian party line and in the second round the two candidates can choose their own party line. the monarch went to the austin island supreme court to get his primary plan deemed constitutional and the supreme court in a unanimos vote said that the constitution said that the election is done in two rounds. given the fact that there is a primary in which if no one gets a majority in the primary the top two are nominated and choose their own political party. the 2023 monarchial election will be a semi secret vote in which only members of the assembly cast a ballot and the monarch counts them.


In austin island due to illiteracy even though six people in the austin island registrar cant read. there fore to be AIDA acsessable the monarch made an alternative. the voter casts a ballot by taking a blank piece of paper and putting in the ballot box of their candidate there is a picture of the candidate for those who cant read but the name of the candidate is there for literate people. instead of a two day convention of assembly members. members of the assembly vote at the legislation hall by casting a ballot in a secret room. there will be gray ballot boxes for the primary and colored boxes of the preferred nominees party for the runoff election. the monarch will count the ballots by using a tally counter. the results of the primary and the general election will be reported after the votes are counted.


there is a mayoral election in metropolis the candidates are tina tinker, greg greensky, bob borax, john jones, ed edwards,and mike miller

Non-Partisian Primary (all candidates run under this label)

Tina tinker 123,456

Greg Green Sky 89,012

john jones 78,901

bob borax 67,890

Ed Edwards 56,789

Mike Miller 45,678

Totals 382,825

a Majority in this example 191,413 votes no one got a majority in the primary so tina and greg go to a runoff in which they can choose their own party.

General Runoff Election

Tina tinker (Indepenendent) 345,678

Greg Greensky (Liberal) 234,567

Totals 580,245

The Austin Island Primary The Candidates Can Choose Their own political parties to run under that plaetform in the general