Austin Jaax

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Austin Jaax
President of Iustus
Appointed office
19th June, 2018 -
Predecessor Zach Patrick (Appointed into Presidency)
Successor TBD
Iustian Secretary of State
Apointed office
23rd June, 2018
Predecessor Om Jucical (Appointed into Senate)
Successor TBD
King of Ongwanada
Elected office
14th October, 2017 to 15th February, 2018
Predecessor Sierra Babado (Elected into Kingship)
Successor None
Crown Prince of Ongwanada
Apointed office
18th July, 2015 to 27th September, 2015
Predecessor None
Successor none
Personal information
Born 11 Feb 2004
Birth name Austin Pat
Citizenship Canada,Iustus flag.png Iustus,Abeldane flag.jpg Abelden
Nationality Iustian
Political party Democracy Party
Residence Curtis City, Iustus

Personal Information

Austin Jaax, is a Canadian born micronationlist that is one of the founders of the Republic of Iustus, Austin Jaax has also helped and been involved in other micronational projects and organizations.

Political views

Austin Jaax's political views lie in the central area of the political spectrum, he has been consider by many to be a classical Liberal.