Austin Island Assembly of people

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Austin Island Assembly of People
FoundedDecember 6, 2019 (2019-12-06)
Maury Chalk
Political groups
     Non-partisan (3620)

The Austin island assembly of people is the unicameral legislature of austin island composing of every resident except for municipal mayors, the monarch, any cabinet members and any member of the supreme court there are a total of 3,620 members of the assembly of the people. the assembly of the people are very important people in austin island. they have a big job. they elect the monarch and they vote on bills and to impeach the monarch. all members are non partisian and are elligble to vote in elections and other things. but they have to be citizens of austin island in order to join the assemnbly of people. it is like a direct democracy but a in a parliamentary system some way making austin island more democratic.

Job of the assembly of people

The assembly of people have a big role for being the largest legislature of the world. they have the job to vote on bills, vote on school funding and to vote for the monarch and also impeach the monarch if necessary. it is similar to a person representing them self. the austin island assembly of the people is not elected it is like representing your self in a way. the assembly of people elects a speaker to represent the assembly. the assembly can vote on funding and other governmental policies. someone can work a job and still be an assembly can be sworn in to citizenship at the legislation hall. the benefits of an assembly member are the best


the history of the austin island peoples assembly is that it was formed by the monarch who re-wrote the constitution to include a unicameral legislature in which everyone represents themself except the monarch the cabinet and muncipial mayors and the supreme court. this is easier to have everyone represent them selves. it is kind of like the house of lords but instead of the role being heridetary you have to be a citizen of austin island to join the assembly of people.therefore it is based off of citizenship. this comes after the embezzlement scandal and dirty politics plauging austin island elections and that open elections became closed elections.


In order to be an assemblymember

-You have to live in austin island

-You have to not be a municipal mayor,the monarch,and or a supreme court justice,or a part of the monarchial cabnet