Athens commander-in-chief election, 2012

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The Januay elections are here to find the new Supreme Commander-In-Chief of Athens. The voting will start on January 5th and will end on January 15th. There are three canidates for the election, with the judge that they will have if voted, which are stated below.

  • Nathaniel Skidmore- Current Supreme Commander In-Chief. Judge- Kaylea Stout
  • Kaylea Stout- Current Supreme Judge. Judge- Nathaniel Skidmore
  • McKay Cancienne- Current Historian. Judge- Nathaniel Skidmore

--The winner will immediatley take FULL control of Athens. Only Athens citizens or Honorary Citizens can vote.

  • Results-
  • Nathaniel Skidmore/19 Votes
  • Kaylea Stout/7 Votes
  • McKay Cancienne/2 Votes

Nathaniel Skidmore will be returning for his second term as Supreme Commander-in-Chief with Kaylea Stout as the Supreme Judge.--