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Athela is a developing (in the sense that it is not yet complete) micronation located on the continent of Australia. It has no official land claims and is currently under the rule of one person, the micronation's only official citizen. Athela's main goal is to become the first internationally recognized anarchist nation.

Future systems such as healthcare, the police etc. will be run privately and do their best to compete with other private systems. This gives citizens choice over what services they have, selecting whatever version of a system suits them best. For example, you have a police system whose purpose is to protect the rights of the people. They can be hired by a town/city or private commercial property to wander around that place and make sure no one's rights are being infringed. There is also another police system that offers the same thing but also offers home security, can send out however many policemen/policewomen to cover certain areas at a price to increase reliability but is a bit more expensive. There is now more variety, one being cheaper and the other providing a better service. The town/city or private commercial property now has the ability to choose which service they want to depend on their financial situation or needs.

Taxes will not exist, since citizens have the right to choose where their money goes if it goes anywhere. If one decides to donate money to a section of a healthcare system that provides care to the disabled, they can. If someone else doesn't want to give money to helping the disabled be cared for, for whatever reason, they won't have to in any way.


The Athela nation project works as a political movement for anarchist -mostly anarcho-capitalist ideas although other schools of thought would benefit- ideas. The project aspires to have an internationally recognized nation for anarchists to live how anarchists believe they deserve. While the nation would be mostly based around capitalism, there will still be room for those who want to live as anarcho-communists, anarcho-primitivists or any other type of anarchist. Such groups will have sections of the country or live free of any property depending on the group and their ideologies. The movement aims to overlook the differences in different anarchists and move towards a common goal, which is to live without a ruler or government.


To gain succession as a nation, methods of peaceful negotiation and possibly debating if it comes to it will be used to convince governments to let Athela exist and be recognized. We believe that anarchists have the right to live in a nation where they can live the way they want to. We hope global politicians will see it that way and due to the respectable behavior of people within the movement, let us have our way.

Rights and laws

In Athela, there are no set rules or laws written down for citizens to follow. Athelans are seen as intelligent, capable people who can think and act appropriately without needing a piece of paper to tell them how to do so. Despite having no laws, people will still be expected to behave morally. Social norms will define what is right and wrong which will be taught and reinforced by society.

Just because there are no laws, doesn't mean there are no rights. Rights cannot be given to people as rights naturally exist and are apart of one's humanity. These rights are: the right to life, the right to freedom and the right to pursue happiness. The only crime in Athela is to limit one's rights. There are organizations in place to protect the rights of the Athelan people which include but are not limited to: the police, the military and border protection.

The founder and current President of Athela see great importance for protection and preparing for events that will lessen the quality of life. She strives to encourage citizens to learn to defend themselves in multiple ways and stockpile necessities in case they need these recourses later.