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—  County  —


Motto: "Carpe Noctem"
Country Esse
Incorporated 29 September 2016
Founder HIllM Henry
 - Warden vacant
Time zone UTC-6:00

Atelasia, officially the County of Atelasia, is an administrative division in the Essian Commonwealth which was previously an independent Republic. Atelasia declared independence in September 2016. First knowledge of the state's existence in the micronational community came with its achieved membership in the Kermadec Union and several events related to the Kermadec Union, specifically regarding the state's friendship with Kermadecia.


The origin of the name "Atelasia" is not clear. In theory, it could be the conjunction of the terms Atel (as in ATEL Capital) and Asia (As in the continent). It has been confirmed by the nation's government, however, that the name is unrelated to the software company known as Atlassian. An official name origin statement has not been released.

It is also possible that, as Emerson Rief originally claimed, the name was created entirely by accident at night and that, after a while, the name gained popularity and became the name of the new country project.


The Fiction Years

Starting in 2014, in a role-play between Emerson Rief and several friends, several nations were assumed first: Germany, Finland (assumed by Rief), the former Yugoslav Republics, and Mongolia. The role-play, while beginning diplomatic, soon became an overpowering of the non-player nations by an alliance composed of the four players.

The first major invasion was upon the United States, and with the victory of the alliance, the land was split between the powers, albeit unevenly. Germany (now called Bavaria) was given Guam and similar US territories, Mongolia was granted Hawaii, Yugoslavia received Puerto Rico, and Finland got the entirety of the main United States. Alaska, the northernmost state, was given to the new player who would be playing Canada.

There was little concern at the time about the scam which was pulled by Finland, and after about a day Finland was renamed to appease the new 48 states.

The second major invasion was on Russia, primarily carried out by the likeness of Canada and Finland. As a result, the Federation and Canada agreed to split Russia among themselves however disagreed on the location of the border, starting a long border dispute which would last until the end of the game.

Following the invasions of America and Russia, the Finland quickly began to overpower its counterparts. Quiet however notable invasions took place during this period, many carried out without the help of the other players. Among these were the invasions of the Caucuses, Ireland, and Kazakhstan.

At this point several betrayals occurred which vastly changed the shape of the world. The alliance, mainly "Naf Squadron," (the Federation Air Force), defeated Bavaria and that player started over in Czechoslovakia. Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia merged into "Yugoslovakia" and attempted to dispute the Federation's growing world influence. This started with a violent dispute over Norway and Sweden once the Federation attempted to invade and a smaller yet notable dispute over Great Britain.

A truce was called in Africa where Yugoslovakia got most of the continent and the Federation received the sizeable east. Given that a vast region of the Federation was not in the "North Atlantic" any longer, Rief announced that the nation would be changing its name to "Atelasia." According to Rief, the name had no meaning, rather came to him the night before and he liked the sound of the name.

With the help of a new player in Costa Rica, Atelasia invaded Argentina and a select few surrounding nations. At this point there was no more "alliance," rather constant bickering and fighting over which of the small nations remaining went to who. This included the aforementioned Scandinavia conflict, where Yugoslovakia claimed to have already seized control of Sweden and Norway. In the end, Atelasia got legal control of the territory despite Yugoslovakia continuing to deny it.

With the Atelasian invasion of Antarctica going undisputed, it was now settled that Atelasia was the world power, and could carry out on a whim most any military or political action they wished without opposition, due to fear of inevitable destruction upon disagreement. Only small nations remained, which were quickly taken up, however even with these no other player could amount to the superpower status of Atelasia.

After all land was taken, the game died out.

Micronation Status

The idea of Atelasia becoming a micronation arose throughout 2016. Emerson Rief, the player of Atelasia in the role-play, was the one coming up with the idea on and off over the course of the year, it never amounting to anything until late September of the same year, when Rief composed a Constitution and pronounced Atelasia independent.

Despite this, it was apparent that this Atelasia was little related to the fictional one. Atelasia claimed several small islands in Oceania known as the "Phoenix Islands," and was led not by a President but a Premier and a Praetor, who's powers depended on the stability of the nation and the amounting of citizens. One of the first events in Atelasian history was it gaining membership in the Kermadec Union (along with Hiraeth). This membership changed the mentality in Atelasia.

In late November, a new constitution was passed which altered the government structure and made Rief the President and Premier, corresponding to the former posts of Premier and Praetor, respectively. Around the same time, claims to the Phoenix Islands were relinquished.


Foreign relations

When independent, Atelasia recognized and maintained diplomatic relations with the following nations and micronations (Kermadec Union members are highlighted in bold):