Aswingtonian local elections, 2021

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Aswingtonian local elections, 2021

← 2020 September 5, 2021
Alliance National Civic Front National Civic Front National Monarchists

Party MP
Alliance National Monarchists

Local elections will be held in Aswington on September 5, 2021. Voters will elect the governors of Agdakh, Gyumurat and Jermadzor regions.


Logo of the Elections.

On June 19, the Electoral Council called for local elections to be held on Sunday, September 5.

Electoral System

The election is organized in a single round, the candidate with the highest number of votes is elected. This election is conducted on a national basis. Unlike the previous election, where voters voted on three separate ballots, this election will use one ballot divided into three sections to facilitate voting.

Political parties and candidates

The Electoral Council opened the candidate registration process in mid-June of this year. On August 2, the process was extended until August 15, in order to allow more citizens to register as candidates for the governorships of any of the three regions of the country.

Although the National Democratic Party and the Labour Party are part of the government coalition National Civic Front, both nominated their own candidates for the governorships of the regions. In only one region, these parties did not unify forces and nominated their candidates individually. The opposition, formed its own coalition to participate and postulated its candidates in the three regions.





The electoral campaign began on August 20, and although it was initially scheduled to end on September 2, it was extended until midnight on September 4. During the campaign, the Electoral Council published informative electoral pamphlets, motivating citizens to exercise their right to vote.



Political Parties Votes % +/-
National Democratic Party
Labour Party
Monarchist Party
National Party
Invalid / Blank Votes
Total 20 100.0
Registered voters / Turnout


Adgakh Region

In the region, only one candidate ran for governor, so a plebiscite is being held.

Option Votes %
YesYes Yes 7 70.0
NoNo No 3 30.0
Invalid / Blank votes
Total 10 100.0
Registered voters / Turnout

Gyumurat Region

Party Candidate Votes %
Labour Party Addison Dillon 4 40.0
National Democratic Party Juan Cisneros 3 30.0
National Party Andrew Perdomo 2 20.0
Labour Party Daniel Quintero 1 10.0
Invalid / Blank votes
Total 10 100.0
Registered voters / Turnout

Jermadzor Region

Party Candidate Votes %
Labour Party Jordan Marino 5 50.0
Monarchist Party Max Stenner 2 20.0
Independent Daniel Maloney 2 20.0
Invalid/blank votes 1 10.0
Total 10 100.0
Registered voters / Turnout


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