2020 Aswingtonian local elections

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Aswingtonian local elections, 2020

4 July 2020 2021 →

The Aswingtonian local elections, 2020 was an election held on Saturday, July 4, 2020. Voters elected the mayors of the three cities of the country. It was the only election in which voters elected a mayor and the last election in the country held before the promulgation of the Constitution.


The government announced the call for elections on January 13, 2020. They were to be held on February 22, for the purpose of electing the governors of the autonomous regions, however, due to the abrogation of the Decree about Autonomous Regions by the parliament, the elections were suspended.

Months later, on March 24, the government called a new election, this time for the end of June this year. This time, the mayors of the cities of Agdik, Steperyan and Armapat are be elected.[1] Subsequently, the Electoral Committee announced that the elections would be held on July 4.

Electoral System

The poll is organized in a single round, the candidate with the largest number of votes is elected. This election is conducted on a national basis. In this election, voters chose their candidates on three separate ballots, each for the region.



Party Votes % Mayors +/–
National Democratic Party NDP 7 46.7 2 2
Ecological Movement EM 4 26.7 1 New
Independents IND 3 20.0 0 0
Invalid/blank votes 1 6.7
Total 15 100.0 3 3
Registered voters/turnout 15 100.0



Party Candidate Votes %
National Democratic Party NDP Juan Cisneros 4 80.0
Invalid/blank votes 1 20.0
Total 5 100.0
Registered voters/turnout 5 100.0


Party Candidate Votes %
National Democratic Party NDP Max Stenner 3 75.0
Independent IND Leonnor Smith 1 25.0
Invalid/blank votes
Total 4 100.0
Registered voters/turnout 4 100.0


Party Candidate Votes %
Ecological Movement EM Simon Reeve 4 66.7
Independent IND Hasan Çakar 2 33.3
Invalid/blank votes
Total 6 100.0
Registered voters/turnout 6 100.0


After the promulgation of the Constitution, the three regions of the country were reestablished. As a result, the mayor's offices were dissolved and a process of reorganization of the country's administrative divisions was carried out.


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