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The Assembly of Sealand [AoS] is a virtual project whose function is developed on the Internet.The Assembly of Sealand operates a website where visitors vote democratically proposals about the Principality of Sealand, in order to know the opinion of all the world about Sealand.


Eduard founded the Assembly of Sealand making a virtual website where users can vote for Sealand proposals. The website began to be interesting for some sealanders. Eduard Pagés announced the Assembly of Sealand on the Sealand's website forum. A lot of sealanders congratulated Eduard for his project because they thought it was a brilliant idea to make an Assembly for people who believe in the Principality of Sealand. For some micronationalist, it is a way for converting Sealand in a democratic state. The Assembly of Sealand is neutral and partial. It is only a micronational institution to know the opinion of people about the Principality of Sealand.

The Assembly of Sealand began a campaign of publicity in internet for being known. A lot of internet users began to know this assembly and began to participate in it voting for Sealand proposals in the assembly's website.

Example of democracy

The Assembly of Sealand has been considered as a very useful example for those who understand democracy as a form of government. The Principality of Sealand is the only one country in the world which disposes of a virtual assembly where everyone can give its opinion about the laws of the country.

Creating a virtual Sealand university

Tha Assembly of Sealand proposed on his website to create a university in Sealand, with the question Do you think Sealand must have a virtual University? 40 users voted yes while 5 users voted no.

Keep calm and help Sealand

Eduard Pagés created the advertising Keep calm and help Sealand This advertisement become famous in the Internet because a lot of micronationalists thought it was a good way for expressing that Sealand needs a lot of help to become a developed country.


Everyone can be a member of the Assembly of Sealand. There are three types of memberships which are the following: - Simbolic member - Basic member - Premium member