The Capitalistic Republic of Askio

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Askio is a dyslexic micronation that loves linguistics. Askio is also pro the capitalistic Idiology.

Capitalistic Republic of Askio

2018 — ?


Hola Bonjour Hello Privyet (In english: Hello Hello Hello Hello)
Aouh Askiato
First Map of askio.png
Capital city None
Largest city Has no citys
Official language(s) All
Official religion(s) Athiest
Short name Askian
Demonym Askioan/Askio'an
Government Direct democracy Example
Legislature True democracy.
Established 2018
Area claimed All of Europe
Population 274 (post A.S.G.A leaving)
Currency Wordollar
Time zone none
National sport Wordling
National animal Human
This micronation is in a civil war

The Republic of Askio is a micronation technically founded at 15/12/2018 but officially made its Declaration of existence in 17/12/2018


The Askioan People get thier name from Askio.


Askio was created at 17/12/2018.

unifacation goal

Among many things, Askio (atleast claims) that it wants to unite all of europe in a way similar to how the Us is united. Askio is therefore split into Regions. The most influential regions are the Eastern and Western regions. within the Regions there are territorys. The most important of witch are the Southern Islands and the Western Islands.

Government and politics

Askio is a true democracy (AKA pure democracy ) so every member gets to vote on anything. The members of askio all call themselves "One of the Rulers of Askio" as in reality every one technically is.

Foreign relations

Askio has contacted some other micro nations and even allied some of them. See more here. Aakio also has some separatist micro-Micronations such as Nornok and also has some micronations that declare d independence from it such as A.S.G.A.

Law and order

Democratic judgement.


none yet. Or ever probably.


The Robin is the national bird of Askio.

Askio is located all over europe. Therefore any wildlife found in europe can be found in askio.


Askio uses Wordollars, there are currently 1250 in circulation currently. But 1500 Actually exist.


Askio is has 6 separate branches of Culture. These being: West, East, North, South, Central, Islander.


Chess is a important part of askioan Culture especially in North Askio.


Askio has no Offcial Media yet. but is creating a Short Film.

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