Arthur Lacey-Scott

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His Highness
Arthur Lacey-Scott
Coat of Arms of Arthur Lacey-Scott
Foreign Minister of Cycoldia
Assumed office
28 September 2021
Summi Imperatoria Christina I
Prime Minister Avery Prasatik
Chief Marshal Colin Paul
Predecessor Christopher T.
Prime Minister of the UKCL
Queen-Empress Christina I & II
Prime Minister Arthur Lacey-Scott
Prime Minister of Richensland
Assumed office
28 September 2021
Summi Imperatoria Christina I & II
Colonial Governess Amelia Banks
Prime Minister Arthur Lacey-Scott
Predecessor Aniq Sufyan

Arthur Alexander Asher Foxley Hayden St George Lacey-Scott, 1st Duke of Highwood KC, GCStO, GCRC, GCIF, GCIC, CH, CS, PC, PC(L), IC (b. 2002) is a Lacian-Cycoldian courtier, statesmen, diplomat and herald. He is the fifth and present Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Creek & Lake having been appointed by HM Christina I & II on 15 May 2021 following the resignation of Avery Prasatik.

One of the founders of the United Kingdom of Creek & Lake, he has served the nation as its foremost and most active courtier and statesmen.

He became a peer of the realm on 25 January 2019 as Duke of Highwood and was created Earl Marshall by letters patent the same day, thereby taking control of all ceremonial and heraldic matters within the nation. He was subsequently created Lord Great Chamberlain by letters patent on 7 February 2019, thereby acting as a liaison between HM Government and HM Royal Household. He continued to serve in a ceremonial capacity to HM Government and to HM Royal Household till September 2020, whereby he became a government minister and advisor to the Crown. He was appointed as Foreign Secretary and the Colonial Secretary in late September 2020, and greatly expanded and modernized the-then Royal Territories of Creek and Lake. Despite serving in HM Government as a member of the United Royal Party, he remained strictly neutral. Upon the creation of the United Kingdom of Creek & Lake on 25 January 2021, he took a sojourn back to his country estate and remained out of politics until the (Second) Act of Union was passed by the Parliament of the United Kingdom of Creek & Lake on 15 November 2021, thereby becoming involved in the affairs of the state and realm once more.

Upon the accession of HM Christina I & II on 15 November 2021, he resumed his duties in HM Government once more becoming the Colonial Secretary and Lord Commissioner of the Commonwealth Realms in an effort to unite the Lacian colonial holdings and protectorates in a process of cooperation with the Grand Republic of Cycoldia. He was later appointed the Colonial Minister of the Cycoldian Imperium and took up position as member of the Imperial Cabinet of Cycoldia. He was also appointed President of the College of Arms of Cycoldia and currently serves as one of its officers of arms. He also served as an envoy and later as an ambassador to Jockromasa, Naveria and Reichensland over the course of 2021.

He currently serves in the Imperial Cabinet of the Grand Republic of Cycoldia as a Cabinet Minister and advisor to the Crown as well as acting as the Colonial Minister of the Cycoldian Imperium. He also serves as St Orr Herald of Arms in the Academy of Arms in the administrative capacity of Chief Archivist. He is also presently Prime Minister Richensland.

Titles and Other Offices

The following are titles and offices held by Arthur Lacey-Scott sorted by nation:

  • Foreign Minister
  • President of the College of Arms
  • Colonial Minister
  • Earl of Glenbrook
UKCL Flag.png Creek & Lake
  • Prime Minister
  • Duke of Highwood
Flag Of RERichensland.svg Most Serene Republic of Richensland
  • Prime Minister
Heraldic Flag of the Academy of Arms.svg Academy of Arms
  • St. Orr Herald