Arthur I of Cania

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Arthur I
King of Cania
Reign21 February 2023 - Present
Coronation21 February 2023
PredecessorThrone Established
Era name and dates
Arthurian: 21 February 2023 - Present
Regnal name
Arthur I
Royal HouseGlendower
ReligionOrthodox Christian

His Majesty Arthur I is a micronationalist, Canian statesman and the first King of Cania as well as founding father of the Kingdom of Cania.

Personal life

Arthur was born in the United Kingdom. He is an Orthodox Christian.

Micronational Life

Athur is the founding father of the Kingdom of Cania as has served as its monarch since its foundation. He is responsible for the creation of national institutions, the 5 provinces and a number of cities. He is a very influential person within the kingdom and aims to work in the interests of his citizens.

Arthur has been a micronationalist since 21 February 2023.

Titles and Styles

Since 21 February 2023 - His Majesty The King of Cania, By the Grace of God, Defender of the Faith

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