Army of Letzembourg

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Letzembourgish Army
Active 21 December 2015 - present
Country Grand Duchy of Letzembourg
Allegiance HRH, Grand Duke Christian I
Type Army
Colors Yellow, Red, Black
Field Marshal Greg Steffens

The Letzembourgish Army (AKA, the Letzembourgish Army-Air Corps), is the land and air combat and defense uniformed service of the Grand Duchy of Letzembourg. The Letzembourgish Army has the responsibility of all land/air patrol and defense, as well as protection of the Royal Family of Letzembourg.

The Letzembourgish Army was founded on 21 December 2015, by HRH, Grand Duke Christian I, later merging with the Letzembourgish Air Force in April 2015. Currently, there are no enlisted service members specific to the Army. As official Commander-in-Chief, HRH, Grand Duke Christian I is the highest ranking member of the Letzembourgish Army, and Travis Carlson serves as the Army's senior-most officer, and as such, is in charge of the management of the Army and its personel.


The Letzembourgish Army is in a constant state of upkeep. Members of the Army are constantly replacing and restoring weapons, uniforms, and gear, to ensure our readiness in the event of a national conflict.



Officers are the designated individuals placed in command of others. Officers receive a commission from the Grand Duke that appoints them to their position of command. Lower and middle ranking officers are tasked with command of individual platoons, where as marshal staff is placed in charge of battalions, or brigades.

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