Armia Krajowa

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The Armia Krajowa is a fighting force named after the Polish Home Army that was in operation during World War II and the Cold War. The Armia Krajowa was founded by Queen Mina Kazik of Wszech and she serves as the leader. Mina Kazik is backed by Iris Parker and Maggie Spillane (also Wszechian royalty), and they use weapons based off of the ones used in the Ukrainian rebellion. Many are wooden bats with nails sticking out, rocks hung from chains on sticks, and things such as that. Molotov cocktails are also sometimes used to destroy a building. The Armia Krajow was formed for one purpose: the destruction of communist or fascist states nearby. Mina Kazik has a hatred of communist and fascist regimes, due to her polish heritage. The Armia Krajowa has not yet gone to war, but they are prepatring.