Nedlandic Army

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Nedlandic Army
Flag of the Nedlandic Army.png
Motto: Conquer.
Active: 8 May 2015
Past major conflicts: None
Current conflicts: None
Units See below
Supreme General of the Armed Forces: Ned Gunderson
General of the DSS n/a
General Information:
Headquarters: Fort Hardy, Palazu
Active Personnel: 1
Reserve Personnel: 16
Current deployed personnel: 4
Standard weapon: Melee

The Nedlandic Army is the division of Nedland's government which is responsible for the management of nation's armed forces. The Army is split up into multiple armies, named after their respective khanates.

Current army units

All populated khanates currently have regiments assigned to them. All Nedlandic indigenous males serve in the army until they are unable to do so. However, this is only a technicality, as most will never be called up in normal circumstances:

  • Army of Alikiir (4)
  • Army of Arefinistan (1)
  • Army of Jaland (2)
  • Army of New Rogaland (5)
  • Army of Samegrelo (1)
  • Army of Terstegnia (2)
  • Army of Umtitia (3)
  • Pat Horde (1)
  • Seventh Army (1)

Technology and equipment

Mostly, Nedlandic armed forces use only their hands in combat officially.

Ranks of the AFN

  1. Private/soldier
  2. Sergeant
  3. Colonel
  4. General
  5. 'Supreme' General (A technical title for the supreme commander of the Armed Forces; is officially called a general)