Armed Forces of Frieden

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Armed Forces of Frieden

Seal of the Friedenish Armed Forces
Founded September 2013
Headquarters New Tripoli Military Command Center
Field Marshal Colonel, Supreme Commander Eren Lewis
Service branches Friedenish Defense Force, Friedenish Army, Friedenish Navy, Friedenish People's Militias. Military manpower
Military age 13
Active troops 10
Reserve troops 3
Total Personnel 13

The Friedenish Armed Forces is the name given to the united command of Friedens different military organisations. The Armed Forces of Frieden is split into 3 main branches, The Defense Force, the Army, and the Navy. The Friedenish People's Militias are groups of Armed people all over Frieden, and are not technically included into the Military.

Friedenish Defense Force

The FDF is the oldest and strongest branch of the Friedenish Military. It serves to protect Friedenish territories from attack. Soldiers and Officers in the FDF get orders directly from the Field Marshal Colonel, Eren Lewis.

Friedenish Army

The Friedenish Army is the most active branch in Frieden. The FA is deployed into external area's during conflict. Currently the FA is occupying territories such as New Baghdad, a colony occupied by Frieden in early 2014. The FA gets orders from Lieutenant General.

Friedenish Navy

The Friedenish Navy is the smallest and least active branch of the AFF. It's main duty is to give Frieden a naval advantage in the Massachusetts sector. Currently, Frieden is numbered at 5 vessels, three Kayaks, two Canoes, and a single moterboat. Friedens Navy is moast active during Summer, when it goes on explorations into American waters. Cadets and Officers in the FN get orders from the General Commander.

Friedenish People's Militias

FPMs are paramilitary groups all over Frieden. The idea for them came from the President, Eren Lewis's head. The FPMs serve during foreign attack or occupation, using guerrilla warfare to combat the invaders. Soldiers in the FPMs get their orders from regional officers.