Arkonian general election, November 2018

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The Arkonian General Election of November 2018 was the first election in Arkonia. It took place 2 days after the signing of the constitution.


The incumbent Prime Minister is A. Dillman, who announced his bid the day after he took office, in November 2017.


The veto of a bill that would disallow the monarch from being involved in politics caused King Tony I to jump in and run for Prime Minister under the Communist Party. A. Dillman announced he was running under the Patriot Party.

Interviews and Opinion polls

The Arkonian Times interviewed both candidates on Monday, 12 November 2018.[1] No opinion polls were held yet.


A. Dillman won 75% of the vote and King Tony won 25% of the vote for Prime Minister. The two Alueet elections were won by their unopposed candidates. The Arkonia Government Reform Act was passed with 100% of the vote.

Results of Alueet elections.