Arkonia/Leaders of Executive Departments

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{{Infobox nation |name = Federal Republic of Arkonia |year_start = 22 January 2019 |year_end = Present |p1 = Federal Kingdom of Arkonia |flag_p1 = Arkonia New.svg |image1 = Arkonia New.svg |image2 = Arkonia COA.svg |motto = Jen Nia Lando(English: This is our country) |anthem = Arkonia, Our Home and Land! |location = ArkoniaMap.png
Arkonia within USA: The Capital(1), the Alueets of Ware(2), Galym(3), Fürgava(4), Anatu(5), Arkavia(6). Click to expand. |capital = Arkonia City |largest_city = Arkonia City |languages = English, German, Esperanto |religions= Methodist Christianity |demonym = Arkonian |government = Federative parliamentary republic |head of state = |head of government = Prime Minister |hos_name = |hog_name = Prime Minister A. Dillman |legislature = Congress |established = 23 January 2019 |area = ~3.85 sq miles |population = 6 |population_notes =
(not including people living inside of Arkonian borders but unaware of what Arkonia is) |currency = US Dollar ($) |time_zone = UTC-6 |nat_animal = |web = Official website

Department of Transportation

R. Ponder- Secretary of Transportation