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Federal Republic of Arkonia

22 January 2019 — Present

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Jen Nia Lando(English: This is our country)
Arkonia, Our Home and Land!
Arkonia within USA: The Capital(1), the Alueets of Ware(2), Galym(3), Fürgava(4), Anatu(5), Arkavia(6). Click to expand.
Capital city Arkonia City
Largest city Arkonia City
Official language(s) English, German, Esperanto
Official religion(s) Methodist Christianity
Demonym Arkonian
Government Federative parliamentary republic
- Prime Minister Prime Minister A. Dillman
Legislature Congress
Established 23 January 2019
Area claimed ~3.85 sq miles
Population 6
(not including people living inside of Arkonian borders but unaware of what Arkonia is)
Currency US Dollar ($)
Time zone UTC-6

Official website

Department of Transportation

R. Ponder- Secretary of Transportation