Arkland Federal Policing law

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Arklandik policing Laws created by the current monarch (whilst he is acting as absolute monarch) include some of the following provisions:

  1. the creation of a federal police constabulary as called for in constitutional documents
  2. the designation of ministers and constables once the nation is fully established under the 1st confederation (currently it is under provisional government lasting until we gain AT LEAST 5 more citizens)
  3. affirming the constitutionally designated power of constables to Make arrests
  4. allowing ID checks and stop and searches to be conducted
  5. making impersonation of a constable an offence punishable by 30 minutes imprisonment and £10 fine
  6. a lot of other more complicated things

Word of the law

Full Title

An act of the parliament Of the Arklandik confederation for Policing drafted by the cabinet of ministers of Arkland and approved by Parliament and the council of monarchs And the council of ministers

Description of the act

An act of parliament to create a federal police constabulary for Arkland and to give powers to the constabulary to prevent and punish crime

main body of the act

Article 1
  1. The Arkland Police Constabulary is hereby created
  2. The Security and Home affairs Ministry is hereby created as a government ministry
  3. The Arkland Police constabulary is to be overseen by the Security and Home affairs minister
  4. The police constabulary shall be made up of the chief constable, civilian staff and the constables on the ground
  5. constables are officers employed by or volunteering to the constabulary who have taken an oath to protect the public and the confederation
Article 2
  1. The Arkland police constabulary shall be provided with equipment adequate for them to carry out their duty by the president of the confederation and the ministry responsible for the constabulary
  2. The Arkland police constabulary shall wear a uniform that clearly shows that they are POLICE
  3. the uniforms of Arkland should have some reflective elements to ensure the constables can be seen
  4. It shall be legal for constables to carry Handcuffs and other Public order equipment which is appropriate to carry