Ariel Yaari

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Ariel Yaari
Yaari in Late 2015
Chairman of KiruvChai
Predecessor "office created"
Successor Incumbent
1st President of Republic of Promesa
In office
June 21, 2014 - Present
Predecessor "office created"
Successor "office dissolved"
Seat in the IMA
In office
September 1, 2014 - September 2, 2014
Predecessor "office created
Successor office dissoloved
Personal Information
Citizenship American
Nationality American
Political party UNAFFILIATED
Religion Orthodox Judaism

Ariel Yaari is a Promeshe politician and entrepreneur, currently serving as the 1st President of the Republic of Promesa. A staunch conservative, Yaari has been quoted as an admirer of Bill O' Reilly, a conservative commentator. An opponent of unemployment insurance, Yaari believes that the abuse of the system has made it unsustainable for taxpayers. He further believes that the United States is built on the foundations of capitalism and republicanism.

In the micronational community, Yaari has seen a fast rise. He has an alliance with the Principality of Lomellina and has joined the IMA Alliance with 6 other nations including the already mentioned Principality of Lomellina, Republic of USI, Beiwan, Republic of Koya, Commonwealth of Vyktory, Orinto Empire, and the Empire of Myrotania. Before the Dissolution of Costa Dorada in late 2014, Yaari held Jurisdiction in a state in the Communist Republic

Introduction into micronational politics

Yaari was first introduced into the idea of micronational politics when he was surfing the web. He came across a Good Mythical Morning video that explored the idea of starting your own country. Through the video, Yaari became highly intrigued by the idea of a micronation. Yaari has admitted that even though he is President of the Republic of Promesa, he is still very loyal to the United States of America, which he still considers his home.

Political views

Yaari is typically classified as a staunch conservative, with these conservative views being tightly held. He supports a capitalist economy, a republican government, and believes that government powers should be limited as much as it needs to be. He still thinks the government should be involved in international relations and help allies if they are in a war. Yaaril has a certain favor towards The State of Israel and Republic of Colombia because his ancestry comes from these 2 places and the United States of America, where he was born.

Religious views

Ariel's Mother is a Neo-Pagan while Ariel's Father is a while Ariel's father is a mix between Reform and Conservative Judaism. Ariel considers himself a Conservative Jew and feels that he as a person needs to be closer to G-d. Ariel celebrates all the traditional Jewish Holidays and his life is based around this belief system.