Arefin Chowdhury

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Arefin Chowdhury

আরেফিন চৌধুরী
Minister of Public Relations
Assumed office office
14 December 2016
Genghis Khan Ned Gunderson
Chief Advisor Patrick Renwick
Predecessor Office established
Governor and Khan of Arefinistan
Assumed office office
August 2016
Genghis Khan Ned Gunderson
Chief Advisor Patrick Renwick
Successor n/a
Personal information
Born 3 December 2000 (2000-12-03) (age 20)
Arlington, Virginia, United States
Birth name Sayeedul Arefin Chowdhury
Citizenship Nedlandic
Nationality American
Bangladeshi (secondary)
Ethnicity Sylheti
Political party Labour Party of Nedland
Religion Sunni Muslim

Sayeedul Arefin Chowdhury (born 3 December 2000) is a Nedlandic micronational nobleman and politician. He is the current khan of Arefinistan, and the minister of public relations. He is a member of the Labour Party.


Chowdhury was born to Bangladeshi immigrants of Sylheti ethnicity in Arlington, Virginia on December 3, 2000. He lives with his parents, and has a sister in college. He is enrolled in tenth grade in the same high school as Ned Gunderson.