Archie Birch

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Sir Archie Birch
Personal information
Born 2 June 2001 (2001-06-02) (age 19)
Birth name Archie Birch
Citizenship Misberia, Uber-Essian Union, Hrafnarfjall,Essexia, Austenasia, Adammia, Millania, Karnia-Ruthenia
Nationality Misberian
Political party Libertarian Party
Residence Songo and Machias
Religion Buddhist

Personal Life

Archie Birch was born on June 2nd 2001 in Maine, United States of America. Growing up he has six siblings and lived with his mother and father. Archie completed high school in June of 2020. Archie has recently been accepted to University of Maine at Machias and will be studying Secondary Education with a focus in History.

Patch Designed by Archie


Scouts played a big part in Archie's upbringing, starting in the second grade Archie became involved in scouts and after crossing over into Boy Scouts got involved in leadership and first aid. Archie quickly took the role of Den Chief and mentored Cub Scouts from 2013 when he joined Boy Scouts until he aged out in June of 2019. On December 9th 2019, Archie was awarded his Eagle Scout honor after a three year project which included building an outdoor classroom for a local school. In 2019 Archie attended the 2019 World Scout Jamboree in West Virginia with the Maine State Contingent as a Assistant Scoutmaster and designed the patch for the unit. Archie has taken many leadership and other trainings to better serve his unit and those around him, including, Powder-horn, Wilderness First Aid as well as many other small trainings at scout camps across the region. Archie is currently working towards his Wood Badge as a Bob White and is looking to complete the training by 2021.

Order of the Arrow:

Beyond the Den Cheifing, Archie joined the Order of the Arrow and became a Brotherhood member in 2018 and attended many OA events and partaking in many trainings. Archie has completed, National Leadership Seminar with the Order of the Arrow. Archie during this time also served as Assistant Region Chief for his chapter and also was the Membership Chief for his lodge as well as Elangomat for one induction ceremony. Currently Archie is serving as the Service Projects Chief for the lodge.


Archie gained an interest in education at a very young age and tried teaching his siblings at a makeshift summer school he made himself to keep his siblings educated through the summer. When this failed he started looking into educating himself and quickly picked up learning about history and geopolitics, he has been known to read atlas's as well as knowing all world flags as well as many world capitols. Archie used his free time over the years to pick up many skills as well as basic carpentry and masonry and is skilled in horticulture. Beyond being a handy man and being a text book nerd he has been known to pick up languages to learn not usually getting very far but enough he can read some and speak some as well, currently he can speak and read some of the following languages, French, German, Russian, Italian, Gilbertese, Elder Furthrak, Welsh, Romanian, Arabic, Spanish and Swahili. Archie has recently started committing to Arabic and German full time and is expected to use his German when his visits the United Republics of Obsciurm and his Arabic when he joins the Peace Corps and hopes to go to the Middle East after college. Currently Archie is also exploring religions around the world and is working with Thomas Bainbridge to understand Norse Paganism and Luis of Reino de Atlia to understand Catholicism as well as taking personal lengths to read the Qur'an and understand Islam.


Archie plans to get into macronational politics and was a registered Libertarian Party member in Maine until it was revoked due to the party not being recognized by the State of Maine, his is currently registered as a Green Party Member but is expected to get involved in the Libertarian Party again and attend events and help gather support once he starts college in Machias.


Archie is very outdoorsy and is always striving to be outdoors. He is an avid hiker and cyclist and is known to go for spur of the moment forty to fifty mile bike rides and go for random hikes. He currently owns a Mongoose and Schwin Bikes and is getting very involved into the road biking scene and is planning on doing a trip from Naples, Maine to Mt Washington, New Hampshire once Covid-19 has slowed down, which is a 180 mile bike trip as well as a 12 hour hike up the highest mountain east of the Mississippi. Archie leads hikes up Casco's Rattlesnake Mountian for the scouts at a near by camp. Archie's crowing achievements currently are hiking Mt. Washington once, Mt Katahdin twice and finishing a 50 mile bike ride in five hours.

Micronational Career

Archie Birch with an old Misberian Flag



Archie Birch founded Mistak (Proto State to Misberia) on April 15th 2015 and is commonly accepted the beginning of the Misberian micronation. From 2015 to 2018 Archie changed the government based on when he felt like it which led to stability at times and uncertainties at times. Going from Monarch to Premier to Technocrat then back to Monarch cause plenty of issues but also allowed the nation and Archie to understand and chose the style which supports the nation best. In June of 2018, Archie met some friends who were running a micronation in New Hampshire called Timberia. During this time the idea of merging the states became a reality with a treaty called the Roosevelt Treaty was signed which allowed Mistak and Timberia to merge in November 2018. After the merging a better name was discussed and the merging of the Mistak-Timberia became Misberia.

Merging and Golden Age:

Following the formal merging of Mistak-Timberia, Archie became the Speaker of the Nation and was in charge of the community outreach and leading the nation. In December 2018 with his best friend Jack Reach, they started the creation of the Misberian Language. During this time he lead Misberia to join the Grand Micronation Alliance and became a strong figure in the alliance until its eventual collapse after many conflicts with Tony Sweigart and Ben of Imperium Germania. After this time Archie lead Misberia through growing pains of having two governments, one online and one in person which collapsed shortly after being referred to as a simulationist nation. Archie worked closely with King James of Cordonia to form the Aspen Misberian Empire (AME) during this time Archie tried working with James but eventually lead the charge of Misberian independence after realizing the AME was failing and becoming a Aspen only project. Archie also during this time was instrumental and ensuring peace became a reality for the Aenderese Republic and the Kingdom of Auvenum with the treaty of Misberia 2019. Later on in 2019 Archie would be known for hosting Misberian Awards Nights which gave awards to members of the community around Misberia. During the Summer of 2019 Archie went on a break for summer and led Misberia to the 2019 World Scout Jamboree as one of two delegates for Scouts Misberia.

Modern & Post Modern Age:

After Archie returned from his summer off, he found Misberia in disarray and went to work on fixing Misberia after the Confederation of Caloudonoum joined Misberia in July of 2019. During this time he led major overhauls of the government and was the founder of the First Imperial Council with Samuel Hoffmann and Hville Alvstad. In March of 2020 Archie stepped down from being Czar of the government after much frustrations and collapsed the nation on March 5th 2020 after many rumors and uncertainties Misberia was facing. On March 15th 2020 Archie proclaimed the Directive of Misberia and quickly went to work on gathering old friends and allies to support the creation of the state. During this time Archie became the pinnacle of the creation of Scouts Misberia formally and started work on a Scouts Misberia handbook. Currently Archie is the leader of Misberia and is working on the Misberian Language. Archie has led Misberia through the Early Summer Crisis and even took a break for a week to better himself after an incident, Archie has returned in full force making more time for the internals of Misberia and working to ensuring the nation thrives and gets active once again.

Various Micronations:

From November 2018 to February 2019, Archie lead multiple courts which solved many issues in smaller parts of the community and was known to be very giving and accepting of both sides and came to agreements which solved many issues. During this time of micronational judicial work Archie became the justice of Kingdom of Auvenum, Fifth Aenderian Republic for sometime and later became a justice for Union of Millania and New Granada. During this time as well Archie got involved in other micronations and became the Prince of Imperium Germania and became the Exchequer for the Confederation of Caloudonoum. Archie has recently joined the Uber-Essian Union and is looking to become a statesman and partake in the national government. Archie is currently seeking possible work to do inside Commonwealth of Essexia and Union of Millania and New Granada as well.

United Sovereignties:

Archie Birch lead Misberia to join the United Sovereignties in April of 2019, things remained uneventful until Archie returned to micronationalism after his summer break. Noticing things were not occurring Archie became very involved in trying to get the organization going. While trying to do this he cause the ire of the Chair of the USOV and this lead to arguments and souring of cooperation. In October 2019 after the Chair's departure as well as other founding members a new administration system was selected, Archie as well as Chloe of Republic of Gaia and Joe of Liberstein. Archie lead most of the work for the organization in the public eye on his own for some time until December of 2019 when he got frustrated and left the United Sovereignties. Following two issues regarding smearing of Archie's image by a former member and a then current member Archie worked on a bunch of work which would allow the USOV to become active and have a clear objective. Following January 2020, Misberia rejoined USOV and Archie became a Administrator again after Joe stepped down. For about a month things were going well until rumors a twitter troll who was harassing USOV for over six months had joined the USOV fingers were pointed at many people and Archie not being able to handle the stress said he was leaving and stepping down. Following discussions with the other leadership of USOV it was decided since Archie was the main force behind keeping USOV around that due to his departure it would be better to let USOV dissolve.

Misberian-Zuhanese Flags side by side

Grand Unified Micronational:

Archie Birch is currently the secondary national delegate for the Directive of Misberia. Archie had been very vocal on ensuring Asian-Oceanic delegations can attend Quorums and is credited to setting up and helping the Chair Thomas Bainbridge set up a rotating system which allows different times to be set so that both Eastern and Western delegations get a fair chance to attend a Quorum. Archie can be accredited to possibly being the only delegate of the GUM to be moved to four delegations in the span of two weeks. After the dissolution of United Kingdoms of Misberia and Caloudonum, Archie became a delegate for Kingdom of Hrafnarfjall and quickly moved to become the People's Republic of Orientia delegate after an issue regarding age arose. After one week Orientia contacted Archie notifying him Orientia was leaving the GUM and Archie became a delegate for Union of Millania and New Granada for two days until Directive of Misberia was recognized as the successor state of the United Kingdoms of Misberia and Caloudonum. Archie served as Statistics Department Secretary from January 11th 2020 to July 1st 2020.

Community Projects:

Archie has been known to try to work on bettering the community in the sectors of development and environmental standards and recently community building in the New England region in which he resides in. Archie came up with the idea for a Environmental Accord akin to the Paris Accords of 2015. In September 2019 Archie and two other micronational leaders created the 2019 CDM Accords which is a mainly Twitter Sphere Environmental Accord but anyone is able to confirm to try to live by the ideas and goals placed in the document. In late 2019 Archie started working on making a developmental program which can help new micronations get settled and founded properly with support, after United Sovereignties dissolved Archie brought his idea to the House of Mithras and is currently awaiting to see if it goes anywhere and is looking to possibly bring it to the Grand Unified Micronational as a possible project. As of Spring 2019 Archie and Akien started working on and founded the New England Sector as a way for New England micronations a place to work together and learn from one another.


Archie has recently taken it upon himself to work with and find other furry micronationalists and work to create a subcommunity called "Microfurs". His hope is for this community to be open to all and for furries in the micronationalist world to come together and share their other hobbies and likes in a judgement free zone.



Titles by Nation/Organization
Nation/Organization # Highest Honor Date Notes
Grand Duchy of Misberia 9 Founder of The Misberian Nation 2018 to 2020 Some given, some gifted and some given to himself
Imperium Germania 1 Eternal Prince of The Imperium Germania February 2019 Protector of the culture and legacy
Kingdom of Hrafnarfjall 3 Prince of the Kingdom of Hrafnarfjall March 2020 Gifted by Thomas Bainbridge for his work
Ducal Empire of Peace and Unity 1 King of Sacsonnaich December 2019 Gifted by Luke 1 & 2 himself
Preserve of The Zuhan Empire 2 King of the Zuhan Empire June 2020 Protector of the culture and legacy
Principality of Cedarnia 1 Marquess of Urschurburg-Riss April 2020 Given by William I of Gradonia
Confederation of Caloudonoum 2 Eternal Heer of the Confederation of Caloudonoum July 2019 Protector of the culture and legacy
Principality of Sealand 1 Baron of the Principality of Sealand July 2020 Purchased
Misberian Commonwealth 1 Head of The Commonwealth July 2020 Automatically given upon signing the Machias Convention

Misberian Title:

His Highness, Founder of The Misberian Nation, Sakom of Misberia, Head of The Second Misberian Commonwealth, Sovereign of the Order of the Star of the Sea, Royal Knight of The Order of Foundation, Vice Chief of The Order of Tolba, Chief of The Order of Zuhan, Chief of The Order of Hoffmann, Eternal Prince of The Germanium Imperium, Eternal Heer of The Confederation of Caloudonoum, King of The Third Zuhan Empire, First Class Knight of The Sovereign Order of Machias, Lord Protector of The Misberian Realm, Lord Protector of The Confederation of Caloudonoum, Lord Protector of Zuhan, Lord Protector of The Federation of Mistak Timberia, Commander in Chief of the Misberian Cricket Army, The Order of The Shit

Hrafnarfjall Title:

His Imperial Majesty, Prince of Hrafnarfjall, Baron of Little Bad Falls, Knight of The Order of The Raven

Micronational Title:

Sir Birch of The Grand Duchy of Misberia


See Offices of Archie Birch for more information

Honors & Awards

Personal Awards:

Nation/Organization # Highest Honor Date Notes
Boy Scouts of America 1 Eagle Scout December 2019 Seven years of Scouting
United States Marine Corps 1 Good Citizenship Award March 2020 Given by the Marine Corps for his work with the local community.

Micronational Awards:

Micronational Awards by Nation/Organization
Nation/Organization # Highest Honor Date Notes
Grand Duchy of Misberia 6 Founder of The Misberian Nation 2018 to 2020 Some given, some gifted and some given to himself
Kingdom of Hrafnarfjall 2 Order of The Raven March 2020 Gifted by Thomas Bainbridge for his work
Karno-Ruthenian Empire 1 Order of the Lion, Second Class August 2020 Gifted by Oscar I, Emperor-King of Karnia-Ruthenia
Cupertino Alliance 1 Cupertino Service Award March 2020 Gifted for hard work to the organization
Pametchia 1 Tap of The Pax October 2019 Gifted from Paco himself
Reino de Atlia 1 The Most Excellent Order of The Kingdom of Atlia July 2020 Gifted from Luis Marcel of Atlia himself
Somcowian Federation 1 Federation Award of Excellence April 2019 Gifted from Tony Sweigart
Kingdom of Auvenum 1 Royal Honor of Bravery April 2019 Gifted from Nick
Fifth Aenderian Republic 1 Order of The Mocking Bird May 2019 Gifted from the Aenderian Government
United Republics of Obscurium 1 Gold Dragon Medal August 2019 Gifted from Zar
Aspen Empire 1 Knight of The Most Noble Order of The Cardinal May 2020 Gifted from King James of Cordonia
Republic of Sinsini 1 Order of the Lock and Key May 2020 Gifted from Zanti
Dime Micronationalist of the Month 1 May Awardee June 2020 Gifted by Zarel Smith, Duke of Hsed

Honors and Awards Visualized

Eagles Cross Misberia.pngMCUC Misberia.png
Tolba 1st Class.png
Honor of Caledonia.pngFounders Honor Misberia.pngRibbonOrderOfTheLion3Class.jpg
Randouler Award of Passion Misberia.pngCupertinoServiceRibbon.pngOrder of Connor Misberia.png
MTPS Award Misberia.pngHoffman Samuel.png
Medal of Sterling Misberia.pngMisberian Brotherhood Honor.pngAtlantic Award Misberia.png