Duchy of Lutasia

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The Duchy of Lutasia is a micronation located in Czechia. Lutasia is an observer state of UMCE.

Duchy of Lutasia
Flag of Lutasia.svgCoat of arms of Lusatia.svg

Věrni zůstaneme. (Czech: We will stay faithful.)

Poloha Sewerlandu v CR (1).png
Capital citySchachbrett
Largest citySchachbrett
Official language(s)Czech, Slovak, English
Official religion(s)Secular
Short nameLutasia
GovernmentElectional constitutional monarchy
- DukeDaniel Henry I.
- Prime ministerPhillip Wolfskopf
LegislatureParliament of Lutasia
Established9. 7. 2020
Area claimed3 square kilometers
CurrencyCzech Koruna
Time zoneUTC
National sportFloorball
National animalDoe
Patron saintAnna Krychová
Observer state of the UMCE


Previously, there was no forest in the area, but there was a pasture. Related to this is the story of a certain cowherd girl named Anna Krychova. In 1876, sheep grazed here. To keep her cold overnight, she lit a fire. She woke up in pain as her dress caught. The girl burned down in this place and her divine torment still stands here. This day, ie October 21, is also a national holiday - the Day of Remembrance of the burnt Anna Krychová. Anna is also considered the patroness of the Lutasia.



There is a water stream on the territory of Lutasia, called Ire.


Duchy of Lutasia is divided into the 1 Grandprincipality, 1 Principality and 1 Shire.

Flag Coat of Arms Name Population Noble
Flag Senken.png Znak Senkensko.png Grand Principality of Senken 0 Grand Prince
Phillip I. Senken
CoA Ossenland.png Principality of Ossenland 0 Prince
Maxmilian I. von Ossenland
Flag of Schachbrett.png CoA Schachbrett.png Governorate of Schachbrett 2 residental citizens Governor
Ladislav I.

Politics and goverment

Duchy of Lutasia has a bicameral goverment, consisting of Parliament and lower chamber - Council of Nobles. Elections are held every 4 month, Council of Nobles is unelected, senators are only from provincies with high number of citizens.


There are 4 parties in Duchy of Lutasia.

Party Ideology Spectrum Leader Seats in Parliament of Lutasia Logo Members
Political parties represented in the Parliament
Liberal Party of the Duchy of Lutasia Liberalism Right-Ĺiberalism Philip I. Senken
1 / 5
LSSA.png 2
National Conservative Party of Lutasia National conservatism, Neo-Luddism, Monarchism Authoritatian Right Daniel Henry I.
3 / 5
90px 2
Party of Free Lutasia Social Liberalism Liberal left Štěpán Kutnix I.
1 / 5
Strana svobodne Luzny.png 1
Lutasian Left Social democracy, Democratic socialism, State socialism Authoritarian-Liberal left Štěpán Freumund
0 / 5
Lutasian Left.jpg 1